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Floats are an important part of the plastering process to make sure that every part of the wall or ceiling is as flat and smooth as possible. They are an essential tool for ensuring a perfect finish, so it’s important to choose your plastering float wisely.

A float is used during traditional types of plastering (often referred to as ‘wet plastering’). The type of float you go for will depend on your own personal preference, so it may well be worth trying a few out.

We offer over 20 plastering floats with different sizes, colours and abilities. We’re also proud to present our own exclusive private label range, Putz Tools. These products are made in Germany and we hugely prioritise quality and comfort.


Plastic Plastering Floats

Plastic plastering floats are generally a good place to start and are ideal for most jobs. The flexibility of plastic makes it easy to achieve that neat finish. They are also much lighter tools making the job almost effortless. For quality and comfort, the Putz plastic float is perfect.


Sponge Plastering Floats

Sponge floats are ideal for walls that are drying out too quickly. We have an extensive range of top brand sponge plastering floats, all handpicked by our expert team who have years of experience and try and test all our tools.

Our Soft Grip Sponge Floats are ergonomically designed and a great choice for finishing your walls with ease.


Wooden Plastering Floats

Wood gives a slightly rougher finish, which will help the top coat of plaster grip better. Our wooden plastering float is manufactured by top brand Triuso and has a quality, durable design.

We also offer a SuperPROF wooden plastering float with a slightly larger 40cm x 15cm design, making this ideal for large scale projects.

Find the perfect plastering float to suit your needs, call our expert team today on 01242 236383 for more information.