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Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we pride ourselves on offering not only the highest quality tools and equipment for all those in the construction industry, but the best value for money also. We believe that this is the reason our loyal customers keep coming back for more.

We also believe that one of the reasons that customers value us so much, is due to the excellent brands that we work with and who’s products we supply.

Wiss are no exception to this. With their business running for over 160 years, Wiss are one of the largest and most impressive speciality trade tool brands in the world.

Wiss have a fascinating history, starting in 1847 in New Jersey, their story spans through the American Civil War, making tools for the Union Army units, through to World War I, bringing further growth to the company. Wiss continued through the Great Depression and World War II where their products were converted to military applications, and their aviation snips became a best seller.

Since then, Wiss has been the brand leader in aviation snips and this has been the case for well-over 50 years. They focus on performance and durability; this is the main reason that we at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop are proud to work with them.

We stock the brilliant WISS M3R Snips. With WISS, you can guarantee incredible performance and a long life. These snips are great for straight cutting and slight curves and are ideal for cutting low carbon and cold rolled steel. They're able to cut heavy stock whilst withstanding strain and has non-slip, textured grips with a safety latch. They're brightly coloured handles make them easy to identify and safer to use.