Pipe Trowels

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Pipe trowels are an ideal plastering tool to keep handy in your toolbox. With their unique, specialist design you can finish tight areas around pipes and other awkward areas with ease.

As with our entire plastering tools, machines, materials and supplies range, our pipe trowel collection includes products from the best brands in the industry. Our team have years of experience in the trade and know all too well the importance of having plastering tools you can rely on.


Nela Pipe Plastering Trowels:

Top German brand Nela, produce robust plastering tools made from high-quality materials like stainless steel. Nela plastering trowels are ergonomic and stand the test of time, and their pipe trowels like the Nela Premium Pipe Trowel are no exception.


Ragni Pipe Plastering Trowels:

Italian brand Ragni are known for their quality handmade tools made from stainless steel and carbon steel. The Ragni Pipe Trowel features comfortable soft grip handles allowing you to plaster those hard to reach areas without any discomfort. The blade is also incredibly flexible – ideal for getting that perfect finish around pipework.


Can’t find the plastering tool you’re looking for or unsure which trowel is right for you? Contact our specialist team today or pop into our Cheltenham superstore.