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To achieve a skip trowel texture, you can apply a thin joint compound in random arches across the entire wall or ceiling.

Going for a textured look when plastering is an ideal way of hiding imperfections and is a fairly easy task providing you take your time and use the right tools for the job.

Like all trowels here out our plastering superstore, our specialist team have handpicked a range of texture trowels after trying and testing each product themselves first.

It’s no surprise that industry brand favourite Nela, were one of the top choices for achieving a textured look with ease as well as being during and ergonomic and comfortable to use.

A skip trowel texture is something that can be completed by DIYers as well as plastering professionals - you just need to make sure your surfaces are free from any dust or residue and also use a good primer on the wall. Priming before applying texture helps to promote even drying and limit the shrinkage of the drywall mud.

The most popular texture trowels are often made from PVC as this allows maximum flexibility - making the job easier. Our Nela PVC Texture Trowel - Chamfered Edge is available with a 1mm or 2mm edge – the chamfered edges allow a reduction in trowel lines when finishing thin coat renders.


For more information about our texture trowels or how to achieve a specific finish, contact our expert team today. Our texture trowels come with next day delivery if ordered before 3pm Monday – Friday, so you can rely on us for help when you’re in a hurry.