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Handpicked by our specialist team members who all have years of experience in the plastering and rendering industry, you can rely on our plastering tools to deliver every time.

With top brand designs from NELA and PUTZ, we test all our plastering trowels before any model makes it to our shelves.


Choosing Your Plastering Trowel:

When it comes to choosing your tools, there is no one-size fits all trowel. If you want to deliver the best finish every time with ease, you’ll need to build a collection of plastering trowels to suit each project.

The size of plastering trowel you’re using will affect your control, speed and pressure. Smaller trowels are ideal for beginners as you have much more control. A larger trowel however is the best choice for a large-scale job as you’ll finish areas much more quickly.

There are also different trowels to suit your level of experience and personal preference. A plastic trowel for instance is much lighter and flexible – great if you want to preserve energy. Metal trowels, however are much more robust and will generally last longer than a plastic trowel. Metal varieties can be heavy to use, so it’s important to keep this in mind if you have a large-scale project. Remember repetitive strain and look after yourself and your team.


Plastering Trowel Cases:

We also offer trowel protectors and cases to ensure your plastering tools do not get damaged. Without protection, a trowel can easily suffer knocks and scrapes – this can be the difference of a smooth polished surface or a rugged one, so it’s well worth investing to keep your tools safe.



Whether you’re just starting to build your tool collection or are looking to upgrade and make life easier, our expert team can help. Pop into our Cheltenham plastering superstore or call us on 01242 236383.