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Plastering Trowels 

Here at our superstore in Cheltenham, we stock a wide range of top brand plastering trowels. As experts in the field we know what works and are able to offer great value for money by picking the best plastering trowels on the market.

Depending on your project and the type of job, there will be a plastering trowel that helps you work efficiently and ensures a perfectly smooth finish.

Our Nela plastering trowels are some of the best in the industry and we only supply tools from top brands as standard to ensure we supplying the highest quality products.


Nela Plastering Trowels

Nela plastering trowels are often the professional’s preference when it comes to quality tools. Manufactured in Germany to the highest standard, the ergonomic soft grip handles allow easy handling, making the plastering trowel much more enjoyable to use. The special stainless steel blade is made from hardened, chrome steel making Nela plastering trowels durable and ideal for a wide range of surfaces.


PUTZ Plastering Trowels

Also manufactured in Germany, PUTZ are proving to be another great name in the world of plastering trowels. Quality and comfort always come first with the design of all trowels. We supply a wide range of tools from this top brand, including the PUTZ Valles Finishing Trowel


Specialist Plastering Trowels

As well as standard everyday plastering trowels, we also supply specialist tools like screed trowels for jobs which require floor screeding, corner trowels for plastering in those tricky areas, bucket trowels, which are ideal for brickwork, along with notched, margin and texture trowels.

What is the Best Trowel Size?

We recommend getting a few different sized plastering trowels, purely because the size you need will depend on the task at hand.


Need expert help finding the best plastering trowel for your project? Get in touch with our specialist team today.