Forced-Action Mixers

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Forced action mixers are ideal for preparing a more thorough mix for the more coarse aggregates -making them a perfect choice for bedding mortars.

Like all our machines here at our Cheltenham-based plastering superstore, our forced action mixer range includes models from top brands such as Baron – known for their durable, efficient and safe machinery.

Baron forced action mixers are suitable for almost any mixing job. The model you choose will depend on the scale of your projects and the frequency / amount of mix you generally require.

Our specialist team have years of experience in the plastering trade and still work with forced action mixers regularly, making them the best team to discuss your options with. You can also hire our machinery, giving you chance to try and find the best model for your needs.


Why Choose a Baron Forced Action Mixer?

As well as being manufactured in the EU and offering some of the most powerful mixing machines in the world, Baron mixers are also:

·         Easy to use with a user-friendly operation

·         Extraordinarily safe with rollers for easy and safe loading

·         Designed with strong, durable mixer arms

·         Fitted with maintenance-free gears and motors

·         Protected against collision damage by robust metal covering

·         Incredibly stable with three adjustable support legs and large, robust pneumatic tyres

·         Fitted with a direct gearbox which prevents a loss of power


Most Baron forced action mixers can be easily moved around by a single person, offering efficient working even at a construction site. With their focus on safe, ergonomic, durable designs, you can rely on a Baron design.

Find out more about our forced action mixers by contacting us today on 01242 236383.