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Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop we pride ourselves on our extensive knowledge and incredible stock of machines to both buy and rent. Clients travel to us from all over the United Kingdom and Europe to get their hands on our machines. We have a variety of different machines that are available to rent. From floor screed machines to rendering, we’ve got you covered. We even provide the machines fully setup with a free training session if wanted, with every rental which is based at our depot in Cheltenham.

Our 3 phase electric floor screeding machine comes in a variety of models that each have their own unique selling points. Deposits of £1000 are required on this machines and this is payable by card on collection on BACs. Prices vary as the first week of rental is priced at £450 plus VAT. After this initial period, the hire cost is reduced to £420 plus VAT. Please note that machine parts such as the Rotor and Stator may wear and you are responsible for their replacement. Also, all broken and damaged parts are chargeable.

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop are proud to be able to hire out diesel rendering machines. The same deposit and payment method is applicable. Machine models may vary from the Lancy PH9S to the Priomix Pragma 12S 9LD and you should further your research or get in touch to find out which is best suited to your needs. Hire costs are £380 plus VAT which reduces to £280 plus VAT after the first week of hire. Again you are responsible for all wearing/damaged parts.

We also hire out the EWI machine with set-up. The deposit remains at £1000 which can be paid by card or BACs. We have various models such as the M-tec M100 but we strongly recommend the EZE 24. You can attend our training session at our rental-depot which is based in the easily-accessible Cheltenham and is also free of charge. Costs for rental are £320 plus VAT which drops to £280 plus VAT after the initial week. As with the other machines, you will be charged for damaged parts and are responsible for changing the worn parts yourself. You can spray basecoats and adhesive coats on EWI systems in this setup, in addition to top coats to a high and finished standard.

We offer the 11V machine plastering setup for rental which allows you to spray MP finish, BG spray finish and multi finish. A £1000 deposit is required and you can pay via card or BACs. We highly recommend the M-tec M100-SC. We’ll provide free training at our Cheltenham depot and the hire costs are £320 for the first week (plus VAT) and £320 for the weeks following (plus VAT). All worn and damaged parts are chargeable.