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Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we are excited to offer a number of different options for customers. From upfront payment, to discounted packages to save you money, to offering finance, we truly believe that we have the option to suit all those in the construction industry’s needs.

You can choose to pay in full for your any of our items, so that they are immediately paid off. You can choose from our carefully selected packages, if you’re after 2/3 pieces of equipment, we may be able to save you money. Thirdly, we offer finance. This is however, undertaken through a broker. If you believe this to be the route for you, get in touch and we’ll let you know more details.

We’ve carefully selected which machines are suitable for the finance option. We wanted to make sure that a wide variety of high-quality, versatile machines were available to suit as many individual’s needs as we possibly could. There are four different machines available for finance and these are some of our best.

The Priomix Pragma 12S K is one of these machines. It mixes up to 12 bags per batch, in comparison to a normal machine that mixes up to 6-8 bags. It also has a hydro wash system for an automatic clean of the tank. The high-quality paint promotes the flow of the product whilst pumping and it’s extremely powerful with 170 bar, 11 litres/minute variable flow and pressure.

This is just one of the machines that we offer on finance. We also offer the M-Tec M330 and EZE Genset, EZE K4 and EZE Genset and M-Tec M200 Pro-set.