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Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we have an array of specific categories of products. Whatever you’re looking for, we’ll have it. Whilst we stock an extensive range of plastering and rendering supplies and machines, we know that that the smaller tools are just as important.

Sometimes you’ll be looking for a product and not know where to find it. And that’s because it doesn’t quite fit into any category – it’s an all-rounder!

This is exactly what are ‘Miscellaneous’ category is for!

We stock a Spare Wheel and Tyre which is suitable for Lancy and Putzmesiter machines; a G5 Wheel for the PFT G5 machine; a Pressure Flange which can be used on PFT, Kaleta and Utiform machines; Duo-Mix Wheel which is a spare for the M-tec Duo Mix; Pressure Tester which is used to test the life left in a Rotor and Stator and can be used on multiple machines; a Caddy Key used to open the control box on PFT Caddys; a Clamp 250mm for D-pump 335mm which is used to try and prolong the life of a Rotor and Stator; a Spray Jet which allows a strong spray of water into the mixing chamber to aid mixing (this can be used on PFT machines); a Threaded Bar which can be used on all PFT machines and a Ring Pull.

We’ll undoubtably have more products being added to this category over time so keep checking back from time to time to see what else we’ve added!