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Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we take stocking the right brands and products incredibly seriously. Not only do we take the time to ensure all products are the highest of quality and best value for money, but we choose not to supply products that we wouldn’t use ourselves. This way, we can guarantee only the best products for our customers.

We have a huge array of products in all of our categories. Our Plastering Machine Spares category is no exception to this, especially Rotors and Stators. With over 12 different products to choose from including different sizes, colours and for use on different machines, you will most certainly be spoilt for choice.

The M-tec Rotor and Stator is available in pink and used on the M-tec M300/330 specifically for floor screeding. We stock a magnificent yellow Floor Screed Rotor and Stator that can be used on machines like the M-tec Duo-Mix, PFT G4 and PFT G5. It can be used with cementitious floor screed.

The Red Rotor and Stator for the M-tec M300/330 has a high output and can be used with various materials like render, hardwall and cement. This product has the highest output for any plastering electric machine. The Blue Rotor and Stator for the M-tec M300/330 has an output of 11l/min and can be used for basecoats on EWI systems.