Flow Tubes, Seals & Waterworks

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We at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop pride ourselves on being able to provide our loyal and ever-growing customer base with whatever it is that they need in the plastering world. With this company being our sole focus, you have our full and undivided attention, meaning everything we do, we do for you.

We’re so proud of our continuously growing product base, specifically surrounding our outstanding plastering and rendering machines. We’re happy to be able to supply all the spare parts you’ll need to ensure these machines are up to scratch for your projects.

We have a huge array of flow tubes, seals and waterworks available. Whatever you need, we’ll be able to help.

We stock a Pressure Regulator which can be used on a variety of machines to regulate the water pressure; the Flow Tube M-tec M100 which is specifically designed for the M100 to help with consistency; the Flow Tube which can be used with the M-tec M300/M330, again for consistency; the Water Barrel (with hose and fittings); another Flow Tube specific for the PFT G4, G5 and other machines; the Geka Cleaning Coupling (35mm) which reduces wear and tear on the rotor and stator when cleaning the machine; the Geka Cap/Coupling and the Rondo Hose Seal which comes in 25 and 35mm. 

These are just a few of the exceptional products we stock, if you find yourself with any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with our customer services team.