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At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we are lucky to have built a large variety of products and categories over the years. It’s been great seeing these categories grow because the products have been so well-received by our customers, it’s led us to expand further in other directions.

Our Machines category is extensive and spans in several different directions, including Plastering Machine Spares. Many categories lie within Plastering Machine Spares, one of which is Electrical spares.

Within this category lies over 12 exceptional products that can be purchased as spares to your machine.

We stock the 3 Phase Top Motor for PFT, M-Tec and Kaleta machines. This controls the mixing unit and pumping element. We also stock the Air Compressor K2 with Pressure Switch that’s compatible with numerous machines including PFT and M-Tec. The Phase Water Pump can be used with machines like the PFT G5, M-Tec M300 and M-Tec M330.

We also stock the 204v Water Pump which can be used with numerous machines, both plastering and rendering. The 110v Transformer – 5.0kVA – 2.5kVA Continuous can be used with the EZE24 or M-Tec M100. SY Cables are available at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop too, they can be utilised with the Generator or 3 Phase Electric supply and work with all machines.

We stock various filters and the DUO Mix 3 Phase Top Motor which are great sellers. The Phase Reversal; Switch is great tool to have on site, allowing easy switching over of machine phases.

Some other products available are Water Solenoids, Auto/Hand Switches, Star Wheel Motors.