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Universal Machines for Various Plastering and Rendering Tasks

When it comes to construction, it is integral that you have all the equipment needed to ensure timely delivery of results. On some occasions, you may need more than one machine for various construction tasks. But what if you could have just one machine that can undertake several different tasks? Not only will it be easier for you to handle less equipment, but it will also save you money from buying or renting other machines. Universal machines are such equipment that can do several duties at any given time. They can render, plaster and other similar tasks without having to use any other piece of equipment to complete. This is a huge advantage to construction workers as they no longer have to lug multiple bulky and heavy equipment to the job site.

1 What are universal machines?

They are machines that can perform several tasks such as plastering and rendering that do not require other pieces of equipment to complete. They come with their own functions for different jobs which make it easier to complete a construction job. There are different types of these machines that offer their own advantages and benefits. If you are working on a construction project, you can opt for a universal machine to save you money and time.

2 What services do the universal machines offer?

There are six universal machines on offer that possess their own unique features that will be beneficial to users.

  • The Priomix CLP can handle anywhere between 2 and 12 bags of materials. It limits the loss of materials when they are ejected. Its wash system also makes for easy cleanup.
  • The M-Tec M330 is solely focused on pumping the materials out of the machine in its single chamber. It ensures consistency of the mixture.
  • The M-Tec M20 comes with the EZE Gun which has an automatic shutoff knob to prevent any mess when turning off the machine.
  • The M-Tec Monomix-3 Phase is a compact machine that can process both bagged and soft materials.
  • The EZE K4 is capable of mixing various materials to perfect consistency.
  • The EZE 24 can spray top coats that can pass for finish standard.

3 Do you provide training on any of your universal machines?

If you opt to hire our rendering machines, we can train you on how to use them so you can deliver your desired output. You can call for assistance and our technical team will gladly accommodate you.

Although plastering machines are available alone, if you’re needing to complete a variety of different tasks via different machines, a universal machine may be a better option. They can do the job of plastering to industry standards, plus they can perform other tasks which make them more cost-efficient.

Additional information

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop always prioritize customer needs and safety. This is no exception with our wide variety of fire proofing machines. With our equipment, you can be assured that your fireproofing materials meet the standard requirements.

We offer 6 different fire proofing machines. Each machine has its individual quirks and unique factors. The Priomix Pragma CLP is ideal for bigger jobs based on site. It’s multipurpose, pumping different types of material with variable flow. The Priomix Pragma CLP can mix up to 12 bags per load in comparison with a standard machine that mixes 6-8 bags. It can pump up to 16 bags, avoiding adhesion on the walls and promotes high-quality flow of the product.

The M-Tec M330 has been described as revolutionary and a machine of the next generation. The M-Tec M330 is able to focus entirely on pumping the materials, whereas previously single stage mixers were required for dosing and mixing. This is down to the single chamber mixing, using the wet sump principle which ensures a high-quality mix and a dependable consistency.

The M-Tec M200 is one of the most recent machines on the market for renders and plasters in the UK. Our customers’ feedback and opinions played a vital role in the design of this product. We wanted to ensure that their needs were met. After all, they’re the ones who will be using them. The main goals were for the machine to be easy to use and practical, to have a high-quality performance, focus on the practicality of the design and also have an economical concept.

These are just a few of the fire-proofing machines available and if you are spoilt for choice or want to speak with an expert to find out more about which machine is right for you, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, after all, we speak the same language as you!

Here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop we are excited to be offering industry leading machines that are available for use by construction workers across the world. We are privileged to have customers fly from far and wide to purchase our machines and we believe that this is due to their incredible quality and value for money. We have six universal machines available and each of these machines have their own unique selling points.

Our Priomix Pragma CLP is world-class. It effortlessly prepares from 2-12 bags of mortar at a time, saving you time and therefore, money. The mixer grid opening direction limits the loss of material and it has variable speed and a wash system for an easily cleaned tank. It can pump up to 16 bags, with a strong flow and empties without leaving residue. The dashboard allows adjustable pressure strength of its jet. Prioritising your safety, there are no electronics in the machine, simply relays and fuses. The machine is driven by hydraulics, making it the only machine with an air compressor without a belt.

Our M-Tec M330 has been said to revolutionise machines of its kind. Abandoning the days of single stage mixers, the M330 is focused entirely on its intended task of pumping, thanks to its single chamber. This also ensures a high-quality mix of materials. With training provided at our Cheltenham base, the M330 is easy to use, with simple controls and the ability to dismantle into sub-assemblies to allow for ease of use and transfer. The machine is also easy to clean thanks to its PU components, meaning less residue.

We offer multiple other universal machines such as the EZE 24 and the EZE K4. All of these machines are unique to the themselves and are industry leaders in their field of practice. We are proud to be able to offer them to you, to assist you in your working day.