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These portable machines have found several uses in the industry, especially petrol generators and small petrol generators that can be taken anywhere and used in locations without electricity. Portable air compressors can be used to compress air which is used to spray any kind of material: cement, plaster, paint, etc. But there are so many kinds of portable air compressors and generators on the market that there is a danger of becoming confused as to what kind of compressor or generator you need.

How do I know which generator/air compressor to choose?

They basically complete the same task, though they are categorised by brand and by how many gallons of compressed air the air compressor tank can hold. They can also be categorised by their shape. There are also types of compressors, like electric air compressor and industrial air compressor. It’s best to pick your air compressor by thinking of the practicalities of your most frequent projects. For example, if you need to use a compressor on the 2nd or 3rd floor, you’d need something that you can carry by yourself or with two people. The same goes for generators. Also, ask your dealers and suppliers which compressor is the most portable, or best in quality. Plasterer 1 Stop Shop, for example, stock EZE air compressors and generators. Avoid buying cheap machines: They‘re usually made of poorer quality or has bad reputation.

Can I trial the generator/air compressor before making a decision?

You have to visit your local hardware store for this information. They may let you test out the machines first before making the purchase. However the same thing can’t be said for online shops. Instead they include a warranty for the machines that is valid up at least 2 years for the engine, and a 1 year warranty for the alternator.

Will I receive training on the generator/air compressor?

The machines most likely come with a manual that can teach you all that you need to know. However, you should check with your supplier to see if they provide training on the machines. EZE produce the range of air compressors and generators that Plasterers 1 Stop Shop supply, so therefore have the knowledge to use and provide assistance with them.

Can I get the generator/air compressor delivered?

It depends where the machine was purchased from.Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, for example, can deliver anything by the next day as long as you put your order before 3PM the day prior.

Before buying the machine you might want to ask about and check out the machines’ replaceable parts, like the air compressor pump, as well as ask your supplier for parts and items, like a maintenance kit.

Additional Information

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop provide the construction industry with fantastic, efficient, high quality machinery at unbeatable prices. We are extremely proud of our reputation that has been built on providing people like you with outstanding equipment at brilliant prices.

We understand that investing in a piece of our machinery is a big decision, that’s why we’re here to help. If you have any questions regarding one of our products, make sure you give us a ring and we’ll help in any way that we possibly can.

We have been working hard to bring a new range of generators into the market. Introducing: The EZE Genset Range. These are available in two different types. The smaller is the 15KvA and the larger being the 20KvA. They were designed to be as compact and lightweight as possible and so that they can be used with all 3-Phase plastering and rendering machines.

Our new EZE 110v Genset has also been launched. This is for use with all 110v machines like the EZE24, M-Tec M199 and PFT Ritmo. The generators were designed and tested on these types of machines and have all performed to the required level.

We have also launch our new EZE 110v Genset which has been designed for all 110v machines such as the EZE 24, M-tec M100 and the PFT Ritmo - the generators have been designed and tested on all these types of machine and have performed to the required level.

This is just another example of how Plasterers 1 Stop Shop range, are constantly developing and improving to suit the needs of our clients and the current and future markets. Being market leaders means that we spend a lot of our time talking to our customers, finding out what they do and don’t need in pieces of equipment and always ensuring that we are covering their needs.