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Our team have years of experience in the trade and while traditional plastering methods still have their place and need, we’ve seen first-hand how much time and effort rendering machines can save.

We only supply top brand machinery, so you can be sure each model is reliable, enabling you to always complete projects efficiently. We also have several technicians who deliver exceptional aftercare, whether you need some training, a spare part or simply have a query on the usage of your rendering machine, we’re here to help.

Having worked in the construction trade ourselves, we’re passionate about making life easier for our customers. 


How do rendering machines work?

Rendering machines have proven to have an invaluable purpose in a variety of plastering and rendering jobs and projects, and it’s crucial for you to choose the right one.

Each model has several important moving elements. A typical machine will be comprised of a frame that’s movable and set on rollers. You can then adjust the rollers, allowing you to work with whatever height you require.

Rendering machines like these are also equipped with smaller frames, which can slide into the component. The frame also supports a small box which holds the trowel - this can be both raised and lowered with the use of a drum as well as an endless chain.


How do I pick the right rendering machine for the job?

We take time to understand your key requirements and help you pick the right rendering machine. This includes what materials are needed, the flexibility you’re looking for and the size and scale of your typical projects.

Perhaps you need a rendering machine that is able to prepare large volumes of mortar (12 bags)? The Priomix Pragma CLP is perfect for this, saving you hours of precious time, compared to traditional machines which typically only mix 6 – 8 bags of mortar.

You might be looking for more flexibility when it comes to your rendering machine. Ideally you’ll want a machine which can work on various jobs and with several materials. A machine like the M-Tec Duo-mix 2000, for example, can work on bricklaying, lime and various other projects.

If you have a job which requires plastering for both the inside and the outside of a structure, the M-Tec Mono-Mix (3 Phase) is perfect. This machine is also ideal for the reinforcement of mortar as well as for use with adhesives. Suitable for both soft and bagged materials and with 4 output settings, this top brand model is a popular choice.


How do I book a rendering machine trial?

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop is one of only a small handful of companies who provide plastering and rendering machine trials. To book a trial simply call us on 01242 236383. Whatever your requirements, we’re happy to offer help and advice.