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At Plasterers 1 Stop Shop, we are committed to not only making your lives easier, but making them more cost-effective too. We want to be able to provide you with the highest quality equipment to give you the best finishes at the cheapest possible prices. This is why we have carefully put together these packages at discounted rates so if you have your eye on more than one of our most-popular pieces of equipment, we can help you out.

We currently have five different packages available that will no doubt change the way that the work and the quality of the work you do. One of our most-popular packages is the M-Tec M330 and EZE Genset. The M-Tec M330 is revolutionising the way that those in the construction industry work. It’s able to focus completely on its task of pumping. This is thanks to the fact it has single chamber mixing which ensures high-quality consistency and mix. It’s easily cleanable with minimal residue left over and is easy to use once training is given. We noticed that many of our customers who purchased the M-Tec M330, also went on to purchase the EZE Genset as they needed an exciting and powerful generator. We thought we’d make life easier for you and offer them together as a package.

We also offer the EZE K4 and the EZE Genset which gives you a saving of over £1000. The EZE K4 is one of the most recent machines available and was intended for use specifically for the UK. It can be used with a wide variety of products such as the EZE Genset which was designed and manufactured in our depot in Cheltenham.