What Plastering Trowel Should I Buy?

Posted by HannahK 16/09/2019 0 Comment(s)

If you’re new to the world of plastering and are starting to build your collection of tools or maybe you just need a basic plastering trowel for one-off DIY jobs, it’s important to make sure you’re starting in the right area and also aren’t wasting money…

Plastering Trowel 101 - Start Short:  

The first stumbling block when people come to buy their first plastering trowel is often – ‘ what size do I need’. A longer trowel will require more pressure and technique, whereas a shorter design will give you much more control and is easier to hold – perfect for beginners. As your experience increases and you start plastering much larger surface areas, you can then slowly move up to longer plastering trowels.

Which Material and Brand of Plastering Trowel?

If you want your plastering trowel to stand the test of time and also deliver an excellent finish without fail, it’s important to choose a top brand like NELA. This German manufacturer has quickly become an industry favourite and plastering trowels like the NELAFLEX II Gold Edition always leave the shelves quickly.

You should also opt for a metal plastering trowel if you’re looking to invest in tool that will stay in top condition for years and years. Be sure to also look after your tools by keeping them clean and opting for a trowel case to prevent damage.

Plastic plastering trowels however are popular with beginners due to their lightweight, flexible design. They are a little more tricky to keep clean and tend to become damaged a lot easier than traditional metal designs.

However, it’s often easier to achieve that neat finish with a plastic trowel – making them ideal for those who are still mastering their style. As you move on to larger jobs with trickier surfaces, a stainless steel plastering trowel is a must as you’ll start to notice nicks and bumps using a plastic trowel on trickier projects.