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Adhesive tapes, coatings, rendering materials, paints, and primers may not be as critical in construction as steel beams and cement but this does not mean you should no longer be meticulous in ascertaining their quality. It’s important to make sure that you are getting these construction supplies from a dependable supplier. It’s advisable to source it from a trusted company like Mapei.

Mapei: An introduction

Mapei is a global leader in the field of adhesive and chemical products used for construction. Started in 1937 in Milan, this Italian company serves the needs of local markets in more than 32 countries across five continents. It has established itself as one of the most reputable names when it comes to adhesives and construction-related chemicals for more than eight decades now.

The Mapei page on the Plasterers 1 Stop Shop website only shows minimal details about what the company offers. There’s more to the list of products worth knowing about this company. Mapei is one of the world’s longest-running companies specialising in adhesives and substances used for building.

Mapei’s international business operations include 70 production bases and 81 subsidiaries in more than 32 countries. The company has been satisfactorily serving customers across five continents. There’s no reason to doubt its expertise when it comes to adhesive products and construction chemicals. Mapei also maintains a network of sales and technical service providers across the globe to provide technical assistance services (TAS). These technical assistance services aim to efficiently address the needs of engineers, architects, contractors, and property or building owners.

The commitment of Mapei to quality products and services is demonstrated by its various standards certificates including ISO 9001:2015 - Certiquality, ISO 9001:2015 - IQNET, ISO 14001:2015 Certiquality, ISO 14001:2015 IQNET, OHSAS 18001:2007 Certiquality, and OHSAS 18001:2007 IQNET.

Emphasis on research

As a global company that continually faces competition from various similar companies, Mapei sees to it that it maintains its edge by investing in research. The company allocates 12% of its total human resources and 5% of its operations turnover to research and development activities.

Around 70% of the research and development activities of the company focuses on the development of ecologically sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Mapei continuously strives to develop and offer products that comply with the requirements of Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design or LEED.

Mapei products

Mapei excellent range of products is available through Plasterers 1 Stop Shop. These products include adhesives, basecoats, primers, resins, and renders. Presented below are concise descriptions of some of Mapei’s top products.

Mapei AR1 GG Adhesive - This white or grey adhesive is intended for external wall insulation. With a maximum grain size of 0.6mm, it is created with select sand, cement, synthetic resin, and some special additives.

Mapei AR1 GG Basecoat - This basecoat is designed for bonding various types of heat insulation panels including polystyrene, mineral fibres, wood, and foam polystyrene.

Eco Prim Grip - A primer created to be solvent-free, Eco Prim Grip is one of the most popular Mapei primers. It is made of synthetic resin and inert materials that make it bond stronger, resist water, and defy regular primer ageing. It can be used on brickwork, concrete, and substrates.

Malech - A micronised primer based on resin, Malech is specially formulated to be better than traditional water-based primers in penetrating material surfaces. It also stands out for being odourless, which makes it usable even in enclosed spaces or places that don’t get adequate ventilation. Malech can be used as a primer on cured renders, surfaces with old paint.

MapeWall GPR - This is a general purpose render designed for both internal and external applications. It is used for smoothing walls, dubbing out mortar, as well as for levelling masonry substrates indoors and outdoors.

Planitop Mineral - A pre-bagged mineral powder, Planitop Mineral is available in 1.55mm and 2mm grain size variants. It is used to enhance surface adhesion and boost resistance to heat, vapour, frost, and impact. It can also speed up drying times especially during the winter.

Dursilite Internal Wall Paint - This is one of the most popular Mapei internal paint products. Made of modified vinyl resin, it is designed to be a washable matte paint that has excellent covering properties.

Elastocolor Pittura - This is a single-component acrylic resin based Mapei paint in water dispersion. What makes it distinctive is that once it fully dries, it leaves a flexible water-resistant finishing coat.

Silancolor Pittura - One of the popular Mapei external facade paints, Silancolor Pittura is made of silicone resin that is touted to exhibit the advantages of both synthetic and traditional paints.

Mapei is one of the best sources for paints, adhesive base coats, resins, and renders. If you are looking for high-quality and environmentally-friendly adhesive products and basecoats, consider Mapei’s range of offerings among your top options.