Importance of Plastering and Protection Tapes

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Professional and DIY plasterers rely on a variety of tools and equipment to produce the best results. In addition to the basic tools, there are equipment and materials that may appear insignificant at first, but are in fact essential for quality plaster outcome. Our range of plastering materials and accessories follow the same quality and durability applied to other large items of importance on our inventory. Here’s why plastering and protection tapes are equally important and valuable for every plastering job, big or small.

Scrim Tape

Scrim tape is the newest innovation in plastering tape. It is made with fibre glass thread woven together to form a mesh. Like other types of tape, it is also self-adhesive on one side. This makes it easier to apply without requiring a jointing compound. This is the reason why DIY and novice plasterers prefer this type of tape for joining together plasterboard.

Another quality of scrim tape is that the open mesh structure allows plaster compound to go through and hold it in place, it also does not bubble or move out of place. Our scrim tape is manufactured by CATNIC and comes in 50mm by 90mm size.

We also have the Euroscrim premium quality scrim tape which comes in 48mm x 90mm and 100mm x 90mm. The manufacturer Eusroscrim is the largest of its kind in the UK producing sealants, adhesives, and building chemicals.

Protective Tape and Adhesive Tape

Adhesive tapes are versatile and used in various applications including construction. There are specific kinds of tapes that are useful in many construction applications. Here are some examples:

• Duct tape. The most commonly used tape in construction jobs is duct tape. It was originally designed to seal ventilation and heating ducts. It is durable and has a high level of adhesiveness. • Brick tape. This type of tape is designed for masking outdoor surfaces such as cement, concrete or brick. Brick tape is made with high quality acrylic that makes it durable and compatible with hard and rough surfaces.
• Stucco tape. This is a specialty type of tape that is used in stucco surfaces. Stucco tape is versatile and used in many construction applications.
• Protection tape. It is used in a variety of applications. In plastering work for example, it is needed to protect surfaces from spills, stains, and damage.It can be used for protecting corners, window edges, door frames, and even furniture.

In addition to protective and adhesive tapes, Plasterers 1 Stop Shop also ensures that professional and DIY plasterers can choose from a variety of other speciality plastering and rendering supplies such as temporary downpipe. It’s used to redirect or drain water from rain during a construction. This comes in handy when permanent downpipes have not yet been installed. A number of these materials carried by Plasterers 1 Stop Shop are selected to guarantee effectiveness and quality. Some of the brands we carry are Blue Dolphin, Euroscrim and Catnic.

Tape sizes

One distinguishing characteristic of tapes used in construction is the size and width. These are usually broader and thicker than ordinary tape. The generic size is around 1 to 2 inches in width but can also be around 500mm depending on where it will be used. For example, protecting windows requires bigger tapes.

You can find duct tapes that are around 50mm to 75mm in width, while tapes used for temporary downpiping are around 150 mm wide. As far as the standard length of each roll of tape, it is around 50 to 11 meters long.

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop is committed to offering only the best brands available in the market today. We understand that plasterers are not only looking for value for money, but durability and quality as well. With our range of plastering materials, accessories, and tools, you will find the right product suited for the job regardless of how big or small it is. We also welcome DIY and novice plasterers who are looking to build their arsenal of tools for enhancing and honing their craft. Our products are not only designed for professionals, but are also easy to use even for beginners and DIY plasterers.