What You Need: Plastering Equipment

Posted by Ryan 19/06/2018 0 Comment(s)

Many construction companies today rely on an arsenal of tools and equipment to complete projects with efficiency. Shopping online for these tools is as convenient as going to any hardware store or supplier. Our impressive inventory of plastering power tools and equipment guarantees that buyers don’t have to look anywhere else to complete their tool box.

Power tools and equipment

Plastering power tools and equipment are some of the most sought after because of the convenience they bring. Applying plaster accounts for a large percentage of a construction project and should be done with care. However, maintaining speed is also important along with the quality of the results. To achieve this, plastering mixers are used. We have six different types of Alfra-Eibenstock plaster mixers perfect or heavy-duty mixing. These tools already come with a built-in plaster paddle of different sizes. Along with these, you can also purchase plastering equipment accessories such as plaster mixing paddle and quick-change adapters.

Another important power tool used today is a drywall sander and vacuum. You can opt for excellent quality sandpaper that we offer or select from our list of Giraffe Extraction Sets. In addition to these, you can also ensure safe working conditions even in low-light with our led work lights that come with built-in hooks and magnets.

Other power tools you can choose from are cordless power drills, drywall sander, cordless screwdrivers, batteries, and chargers. All of these are also guaranteed with excellent quality and durability.

Plastering supplies and other tools

Plastering is a job that also requires workers to apply mortar in elevated sections. This can be quite dangerous and risky when moving up and down a step-ladder. Plasterers 1 Stop Shop stays on top of the latest technology and innovation in construction tools and equipment. Instead of a step-ladder, we offer Pro-line Stilts. These stilts are lightweight and durable. You can adjust the elevation according to the required height of plaster application. This ensures that each worker is safe when applying plaster.

In addition to power tools, plaster mixers, and plaster mixing drills, plastering is also made efficient with the use of plastering tools and supplies. You can rely on simple basic tools for measuring such as a measuring tape or select one of our measuring devices. A laser range finder help guarantee the accuracy of measurement and calculation for area, length, and volume.

Another important accessory used in plastering is a handy bucket. We offer an array of buckets that are suitable for home or commercial use. For mixing large amounts of mortar, you can choose one of our mixing tubs. One example is our PUTZ TaliaGOM bucket that comes in 40L capacity. It is made with high-quality and durable rubber that ensures flexibility and robustness. This bucket will not break or shatter easily even when you drop it!

For heavy-duty mixing, we also have the PUTZ tub that comes in 120L capacity. This is suitable for mixing plaster, mortar, epoxy, and other rendering materials. Its size is perfect for commercial construction where large amounts of materials need to be prepared at once. It is also made of rubber which ensures that it can last long even in extreme working conditions.

Workwear and other accessories

As part of our commitment to ensure that your construction team looks professional at all times, we also offer workwear from Dickies. Aside from looking professional, it is also important that each worker is equipped with comfortable and durable apparel for an entire work day. You can select from our list of work overalls, boots, shirts, and jackets.

Our stocks include boots from Graton boot and Tiber trainer. We also have other accessories such as hats, socks, and belts. No matter the working condition or weather, you can ensure that every member of your team is safe and comfortable.

If you are also looking for merchandise to display your partnership with us or with our trusted brands, we have NELA t-shirts, NELA trucker caps, and van stickers.

When it comes to plastering equipment and tools, our inventory is second to none. We only offer products with proven quality and durability. You will always be able to find a tool that fits your need from our product inventory. We are hugely committed to offering the best that the market has to offer.