Plastering and Rendering Supplies

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Plastering and Rendering Supplies

Plasterers 1 Shop Stop only stocks the best quality supplies for all your plastering and rendering needs. We would like to make sure that you have everything you need to make each job efficient. We understand the importance of having all materials available whenever you need them.

Our range of plastering and rendering supplies include plastering beads, drywall screws, floor protection, reinforcing mesh, accessories and baserails, tapes, adhesives and additives, and tarpaulin and dust sheets.

How do plastering and rendering beads function?

A straight edge is required when plastering walls. An even layer of plaster is needed to maintain the quality and integrity of the structure. Plastering and rendering beads are installed into corners and edges to produce a straight edge and protect the surface against impact. This further ensures that while the plaster is still soft, the surface is protected from damage.

We offer four different types of plastering beads. There is the 3mm CATIC thin coat stop bead which is made from galvanised iron. It is intended for thin coat finishes up to 3mm in thickness. We also have the 3mtrThin Coat angle bead and 2.4m hook on bead. You can choose to have these cut to a specified length depending on the requirement of the plastering project.

Our selection of rendering beads are manufactured by Wemico which is a leading brand that produces external wall insulation and external rendering profiles. Our range of rendering beads from Wemico are suitable for even the most difficult external surfaces and weather conditions.

Reinforcing mesh

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop is an exclusive distributor of the EZE product range. This includes excellent quality reinforcing mesh that is vital for most plastering and rendering jobs. Reinforcing mesh is used in both external and internal wall plastering and rendering. A layer of mesh is added before the installation of insulation, waterproofing, acoustic, and fireproofing material. Reinforcing mesh is perfect for improving the structural integrity of a building. This material is also used for refurbishing and renovations.

Accessories and other supplies

Keeping a working site clean can be difficult even for a professional plasterer. We offer a good selection of floor protection products such as Taktec Carpet Protection firm. We also have the Antinox 2mm sheet manufactured from polypropylene. This versatile material is used to protect floors, doors, and other surface areas from dirt, grit, and stains. If you order in bulk, we can also offer a sizeable discount.

In addition to these, we also have products designed to protect furniture and equipment,whether in transit or storage. You can choose from our array of polythene dust sheet and tarpaulin, suitable for commercial or home use.

We have a heavy-duty plastering tarpaulin that is 100% waterproof. Our polythene inter-laminate has a cotton layer that soaks excess liquid, and the laminated backing is designed to prevent moisture from soaking through. You can ensure that the working surface is kept neat and clean with our range of products.

We also stock accessories such as drywall screws and baserails. We have a variety of drywall screws that range from coarse thread, fine thread, or collated. Our coarse drywall screw with single thread and sharp point is perfect for attaching plasterboard. For tougher surfaces, you can use a fine thread screw instead. We have all of these varieties in stock.

When it comes to adhesives and plaster additives, we also stock Extratime plaster retarder to help delay the setting of plaster material. This is especially helpful in difficult plastering jobs whenaiming to achieve a certain finish. On the other hand, our Halftime plaster accelerator will help shorten the setting time of plaster material. This is perfect for when you need to complete small plastering jobs that need to set completely within a short amount of time. Accelerating the setting of plaster also protects the surface from unwanted damage.

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop is indeed your best bet if you want the best quality plastering supplies. It is easy to order online and have them conveniently delivered to you in as little as 2 working days. You can visit our site to check our full inventory of products to suit large or small plastering jobs.