How to Use a Thin Coat Machine/Plastering Machine for Thin Coats

How to Use a Thin Coat Machine/Plastering Machine for Thin Coats

When it comes to doing a remodelling or renovation of your home, using a machine that will make it easier to complete the task and will deliver great results is paramount. Thin coat machines help apply thin coat on walls, floors and ceilings with perfect consistency and thickness. It is important for a thin coat to be evenly applied to avoid any unsightly bulges and air pockets from developing. It comes with a user-friendly manual that can be used to produce amazing results.

  • Check the machine for any debris and dirt that may affect how you apply the thin coat material onto the surface. Clean out any debris prior to loading the material onto the machine. Cover any surface that you will not coat to prevent any splatters.

  • Determine how much thin coat plaster you will need for the job. Use only the right amount to avoid any wastage. Load the material onto the machine.

  • Once the material has been loaded onto the machine and everything is in place, turn on the machine and start spraying the thin coat onto the surface.

  • Hold the EZE 24 tightly to avoid slipping from your hands. Aim the gun directly onto the surface and coat it in a circular motion. Make sure not to stay on one area for too long or the coat will be thicker than on the other areas.

  • Coat the whole surface evenly, making sure that no air pockets develop. Work slowly to ensure that every inch of the surface gets the right thickness of the coat.

  • Make sure that the coat dries completely before anything touches the surface, otherwise it will develop bumps and scratches that will dry out, and make for an unsightly view.

  • Using the machine does not end when coating the surface is done. It needs to be cleaned thoroughly and immediately after use. This is to avoid any build ups from adhering to the walls and nozzle of the machine that can affect its future performance. Use only the recommended cleaning agent indicated in the manual.

Although you can apply a thin coat render using a trowel, it will take you longer to finish the job. But if you opt to use thin film coating equipment, it will only require a short time to cover one area that may otherwise take hours if you do it by hand.