Comparison Guide to Fire Proofing Machines

Comparison Guide to Fire Proofing Machines

Fireproofing a home or building is a must; it is not only a building requirement, but it should be done to protect its occupants and their belongings. Firewalls are only applicable on the outer walls of the building, but what about the interiors? What can be done to fireproof the interior walls, ceilings and floors? This is where fireproofing machines come in. What they do is they provide protection to existing walls, floors, and ceilings against fire. There are different machines available on the market and this piece will provide you with information about each one of them and help in your decision making.

  • Priomix Pragma CLP. One of the best machines on the market, it can carry between two to twelve bags of material per load, compared to other products that can only carry a maximum of eight bags. The mixer has a water metering equipped with an auto stop feature and a water ramp with jets focused on the mixing shaft. The hydrowash system makes for an effective cleaning.

  • Priomix Pragma 12S K. This fireproofing machine has the same main features as the Priomix Pragma CLP in terms of bag capacity, water metering and water pump. Its large hopper steep reception has a capacity of 16 bags, where the steep slope makes for easy emptying of the material without it adhering to the walls of the machine.

  • M-Tec M200 Pro Set. This machine is less expensive, costing around £7,000 compared to more than £20,000 for the higher-level machines. It can pump up to a distance of 25 metres. It also comes with 4 speeds, and can spray fireproofing materials depending on your speed preference. You don’t need to replace parts to use the machine for different applications.

  • EZE K4. The EZE K4 is the cheapest fireproofing pump on this batch of products, more than £2,000 cheaper than the M-Tec M200 Pro Set. It can also mix and spray different types of products, including Hardwall, Weber Monocouche, Knauf MP75, K-rend K1/E-grade and Parex Monorex. Being on the inexpensive range does not mean it can perform less than its pricier counterparts. It can also deliver a serious performance.

Comparing products before purchasing fireproofing spray pumps or renting them out will give you an advantage in getting the most out of your choice. Aside from each of the machines’ features, another factor to take into consideration is their price: do they fit into your budget or will you get value for your money on the frequency of use? Every pro and con must be weighed thoroughly.