Plastering Technology: Aero-Therm for Energy Saving

If you’ve haven’t already seen the product Aero-Therm on our site or at any trade shows, A bucket of Aero-Therm plaster.then we advise you to check it out. It’s got some powerful home insulation properties even though it can be applied using plastering techniques that are almost standard. It can even be applied by a plastering machine such as the EZE 24.

What we are excited about with this material is the fact that it’s one of those products that could make a considerable difference to any plasterer’s income. Twinned with effective marketing, this product is a game changer.

Read on to find out why…

It’s no secret that the UK home stock has some of the worst efficiency records in Europe. Heat easily escapes into the atmosphere leaving householders to stump up for their very expensive heating bills month after month.

The last time anybody counted, they calculated that there were around 27m homes in the UK. Over two thirds of these were built using cavity wall construction with approximately 70% of these taking advantage of some insulation in the cavity wall. The remaining cavity wall properties were considered to be too hard to insulate.

The 8m or so homes that were constructed in solid wall style don’t fare well either when it comes to insulation, with only 4% of them having any form of it.

This leaves us with over 5m homes that have cavity walls but no insulation and 7m solid wall type homes that are also leaking heat because these homes are very difficult to insulate.

Fortunately, somebody has devised a way to retain heat which can also provide plasterers with a lot of extra trade. Introducing Aero-Therm

Aero-Therm is a new wall coating that is thermal reflective. In fact, it works very well and can make energy savings up to as high as 35%.  It is devised to slow down heat loss by reflecting radiant energy back into the room so that living space is far warmer and comfortable.

Aero-Therm can be very effective even when it has been applied with as little as just 1.0mm skim on internal walls and ceilings. Once applied it can be painted or wallpapered to the desired finish.

Not only is Aero-Therm a great opportunity for plasterers to make extra income, but it’s something that is beneficial to the environment. Check out the Aero-Therm and don’t say we didn’t tell you about how to expand your business by using our carefully selected products!


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