Plastering Mixing Drills Save Time

Let’s talk about why you might need a plastering mixing drill? If you’re not one of our A plastering mixer against a white backgroundnewbies to plastering, you no doubt already know a lot about drills…Let me get started all the same.

The plastering mixing drill is manufactured to handle the mixing of any liquid media. It doesn’t have to be plaster, so it’s a flexible piece of kit. You might want to use it for paint, tile cement or even mortar and if you get the right one with a powerful motor and a good paddle, then it can handle mixing up to 40kg of material.

Let’s look at an example tool so that if you’re new to this area, you can see exactly what I’m talking about.

Take the Alfra Eibenstock EHR23/2.2S Two Speed Stirrer 240v.

This machine is not only the most popular mixing machine on the market, but it’s got the most power. Its sturdy workhorse motor can handle anything from prefab mortar to flooring sealing compounds which obviously includes Gypsum.

It will also mix prefab plaster, cement lime, granulates and concrete-quartz containing epoxy resin. This is a machine that is capable of being responsive to a number of project needs. It’s got the motor to handle high viscosity materials up to 80kg batches, so why not!

As a professional plasterer, you know how important it is to have the right tools. At the end of the day, it’s hard enough to do this job as it is, without being let down by the promises of tool manufacturers who commit to this and that but do not follow through with any of their statements.

Simply put, why pay more? You can work this one hard all day long and it won’t let you down.

A great piece of kit that can handle a lot of different tasks. It’s durable and capable, just like any professional plasterer’s tools should be.

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