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PAREX Renders Can Transform Your Home

Here’s an idea worth considering. If you haven’t tried Parex renders, then it’s time to get 2 smiling builders with plastering tools.busy with it. You’ll be amazed at the results and wish you’d tried them sooner.

Parex Renders have been available from us for quite some time now. They are particularly popular due to the choice of application methods, in addition to a variety of finishes and colours.

In actual fact, Parex is one of our most popular and well-selling products. They are convenient, easy to use and this method delivers a durable surface that will last for years. This company’s commitment to quality is tremendous. They have worked hard to secure a place as the market leader for their materials and have grown in leaps and bounds since they first started out. They now have 32 manufacturing bases around the world and are in 15 different countries and their staff are focused on continual innovation, product development and improvement. They are passionate about giving their customers something that is easy to use but produces a very good looking coverage. When it’s done well, it can even turn heads.

Making high quality products available to our customers is something that Plasterer’s 1 Stop Shop prides itself on. It makes it possible for a wide range of architectural finishes to be available to you and your customers. For Parex renders we offer a next day delivery too.

You’re in for a pleasant surprise when you use Parex. They are ready to be applied and they are known for being long-lasting and durable whilst punching above their weight in creativity, good looks and style.

Once you use it, you’ll wonder how you ever managed without it.

Our Parex products include: Base Coats, General Products and Top Coats

We offer a next day nationwide delivery service and if you buy in bulk, there is a discount available.

If you haven’t tried Parex yet, make sure that you do. It delivers an outstanding finish with a high quality. You’ll be amazed at what marvellous results you can gain from laying it down.

Introducing Parex Renders for Your Plastering Finishes

We have been offering Parex renders for some time to our clients. We know how important Parex paraguard render it is for high quality products to be available. We are also well aware of plasterers needing to be able to satisfy the wants and needs of both clients and designers when it comes to architectural style and finish.

Without a doubt, what we like about the Parex renders products is that they are ready to be applied and they are also well known in the trade for being durable and long-lasting whilst delivering that panache of style and creativity.

Just as with Knauf, this company has been around since the 1980s. They have gone through some incredible growth periods and now operate 32 manufacturing bases in 15 countries. You’ll wonder how you ever managed without it. This company is focused on continually improving their products in addition to ensuring customer satisfaction with quality.

We’re sure to have the perfect Parex for you. Products that Parex offer include:

Parex Base Coats – high quality and suitable for a variety of different masonry projects, these weather resistant finishes can be deliver on next day delivery from our GL2 base.

Parex General Products – ranging from AVU mesh to weatherproofing, Parex products are designed to deliver when it comes to quality decorative finishes. Check out the general products to see how they can help in the completion of your jobs.

Parex Top Coats – the perfect finish for either cement or masonry walls. In some cases, just one coat is enough to make it weatherproofed whilst still retaining breathability.  Available in bulk with discounts.

In short, Parex can give you the finish that you’re looking for. Your job will have that quality look that may have been elusive. If you haven’t tried it, you’ll find that Parex is something that you’ll have to use for yourself to discover the tremendous results that it can lay down.

A to Z of Plastering Materials

Fasten your seatbelt! Take a deep breath and get ready to do a whirlwind tour of what we A tub of Aerotherm plaster against a white backgroundstock when it comes to plastering materials.  Our extensive repertoire of materials offer you so many brands and finishes to choose from, just take your pick and we’ll handle the rest.

Please take note that most of our products are available for next day delivery. Contact us and we can provide you with delivery times and prices.

Ok, let’s get started.

Aero-Therm – popular in Europe, this material takes efficient home insulation to the next level. This new and technologically-advanced product does the job of conventional insulation. An ingenious idea that means that just 1mm of a layer will save you up to 35% heat loss. This revolutionary coating is ultra-thick and reflective, resulting in the elimination of cold spots, warm walls, less mould and that elusive thermal comfort from wall to wall. Applied in a similar method to plaster, the surface left is smooth and ready for paint or wallpaper. No other insulation method offers such a fast and easy application method.

CPI Euromix General Purpose Render – application time is cut by 75% with this inexpensive spray-applied, all-purpose render. Developed by talented scientific professionals, you’ll enjoy a truck load of savings from using this. It’s also way less hassle. CPI Euromix is additionally available in a high bond render that is suitable for low suction or friable backgrounds.

K-Rend K1 Spray Render – for use with most of the render spray machines on the market, this product is perfect for larger projects when you’re looking to recoup time. It can also be applied by hand.

Silicone E Grade Sprayable K-REND – this pre coloured exterior render will save you gallons of time. Available in 20 different shades, you just need to spray it on and they’ll love the results.

Knauf Airless – outstanding results are yours from using this lightweight formula. Applied by airless pressure piston pump, the Knauf Airless Finish Light is particularly lightweight, which makes it far easier to handle onsite, to level and sand.

A green bag of K-rend plaster against a white backgroundKnauf Aquapanel Exterior – the ideal product for delivering a durable and weather-tight water-resistant exterior, this product is made of Portland cement to provide a dimensional stability not found in other products.

Knauf MP Finish – apply by spray to achieve a 2-3mm thick coat either over plasterboard or sand or cement undercoats.

Knauf MP75 – designed as a machine plaster used in one coat, this can be put on at up to 20mm thick in one go. Ideal for adding directly onto blockwork, uneven concrete or even thick joint blockwork, this product will set in 3-4 hours. The result is tough, durable and smooth – ready for you to decorate as you wish.

Parex Renders – one of our most popular products due to the convenience and ease at which you can secure a durable and lasting surface for your clients. Both stylish and creative, the Parex commitment to quality is astonishing. From its early days in the 1980s as a French façade products company, to where it stands in the building industry today, as operator of 32 manufacturing facilities located in 15 different countries, Parex are the market leader for exterior, interior, decoration, colour, texture and protection which they deliver through a wide range of materials.

As you can see from our list, we offer a broad range of materials and can also often source any other that you might want but don’t see in our online shop. Our next day delivery will ensure that your project mates are not wasting time waiting for materials. We can also advise you on any machinery that you may want to either hire or buy to back you up and provide support – Just give us a call!