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Plastering Machine Spares – What You Need to Know

Investing in any machinery is a commitment, and if a component breaks down or the A D,6-3 P1 Rotor and Stator against a white backgroundmachine goes wrong, you don’t want to waste your days with an enforced downtime. That’s why we provide next day delivery or even same day collection on every item.

If your machine breaks down, you might want to call in an electrical professional, but there’s usually no need for that. They will operate as a middle man and for that you will be charged. How about ordering your own parts directly from our shop and installing them yourself?

Get to know your plastering machine

Knowing how your plastering machine works will be helpful in times of stress. If you know what each part does and how it functions, and how it can go wrong, you’ll be in good shape to be able to handle the breakdown yourself. You will also be able to shop for parts yourself, without needing to rely on anybody else.

It’s always less costly to replace a part than to replace the entire machine…and we have most of the parts available for you.

How to order spare parts from us

If you want to call us to find out how much a part is, take a note of the make and the model of your machine. You may even find model number on the machine itself. Although a brand name may be assigned to a machine, it doesn’t always mean that all parts have the same brand name. Some pieces may have been built by other companies. However, every part should be compatible that the actual unit itself.

Try to avoid using second hand plastering machine spare parts. Used parts will no longer have the strength, durability or quality that they once had – and therefore will not be as effective or reliable as using new parts. You don’t want to be back to square one if your used part gives up the ghost not long after you have got your machine working again!

Here are our tips to help you to replace the spare part:

# Tip 1: Do proper research. Understand what has gone wrong on your machine and which part it needs. You’ll also understand more about the functionalities of different parts to help you in the future.

# Tip 2: Make a note of the name and model number of the machine. Once you have this, you can then make a phone call to place the order and look forward to receiving the parts.

# Tip 3: Always purchase your parts from a reputable dealer. You’re more likely to receive the correct parts for the brand that you’re looking for and within a decent timeframe too.

# Tip 4: Only use a parts store that has a return policy. There is a chance that when you receive your spare parts, you may have ordered the wrong piece. By using a shop that does have a returns policy, you will be able to exchange them for the correct item or return them. You should also call us to enquire which part you need, if you are unsure, then we can put the order in for you.

# Tip 5: Be sure to read the terms and conditions before putting in your order.

We stock all spare parts for plastering machines and rendering machines

A plastering machine cleaaning hose against a white backgroundWe also know it’s not always easy or cost effective to find spares for plastering and rendering machines. Therefore, we stock a broad range of machine spares to save you from having to shop around and waste time sourcing.

The brand names of the plastering machines that we provide spare parts for include:

  • M-tec
  • PFT
  • EZE
  • Lancy
  • Euromair
  • Utiform
  • Many others

The types of parts that we provide include:

  • Electrical
  • Filters
  • Flow Tubes, Seals and Water Works
  • Hoses
  • Machine Transport and Safety
  • Miscellaneous
  • Mixing Shafts
  • Spray Guns and Accessories
  • Rotor and Stator

Browse through our plastering machine spares list, if you cannot see the part you’re looking for then give us a call and it’s likely that we either have the item or we can help you out in some way or other.