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Use Knauf Airless Finish Spray with Your Plastering Spray Machine

Please note that Knauf Airless Finish Spray can be used with all spray plastering machines A close up of a bag of knauf airless plastering spray against a white backgroundincluding the EZE 24.

The popularity of spray plastering machines is increasing as a result of their ability to significantly decrease the amount of time it takes to complete projects. Combining the use of a plastering spray machine with factory produced panels, it’s possible to shorten the duration of project work decidedly. Whether you’re working with concrete panels or plasterboards, Knauf Airless Finish delivers ready-mixed plaster by spray. It’s fast and it’s easy to use.

Something else that makes using Knauf Airless Finish so easy is that it doesn’t need to be applied to a bonding agent, as would be the case with traditional plastering methods. It can be applied directly to the concrete or plasterboard.

We’ve recently heard from one of our customers. They recently bought a load of Knauf Airless Finish from us and reported back with some exciting results. They were working as a two-man team and they managed to get 55 metres of ceilings done in just over 10 minutes. For those working in feet, that’s over 600 square feet.

What our customers said that they loved is that they can also spray the walls. Working from floor level and go 10 feet up and they don’t have to put any scaffolding up, ladders, steps or anything else. This is a bonus when it comes to time, and energy. It’s also good news from a health and safety point of view. This makes it possible to avoid the whole legal area of health safety by not even using a ladder.

Get the competitive advantage

Those who invest in a plastering spraying machine have a great advantage. The delivery times of projects means that they have something very appealing to offer over their competitors. Not only can the Knauf Airless Finish be delivered by using the faster and less hassle spray method, but the resulting finish is excellent.

Applied in two coats at a thickness of just 1-2mm, the Knauf dries faster than you’d expect from an application of traditional plaster. The finish produced by this modern and The EZE K4 plastering maching against a white backgroundadvanced technology Knauf product is smooth, white and consistent enough to make the life of a plasterer more enjoyable.

Another benefit of the Knauf Airless Finish Spray is that it’s ready mixed. This means that you don’t need to bring along all the equipment and materials to the site to do the mixing. You can rely on the product being of a consistent quality as its factory mixed. Any excess material left over during the skimming can be added back to the hopper. This lowers product waste and keeps it at a range of around 1%. Not bad!

Airless Finish Spray Plaster has been developed using a mix of polymers. Some say that the result is similar to paint, but it’s plaster. There’s no need to even spray it again, so from your point of view, less mess and less work.

Our guys who reported in said that they were amazed about how little mess there was in fact. One of them even wore some of their good clothes to work one day – not through choice, and found that they could do some spraying without needing to worry too much. It was a very clean affair to spray the finish onto the walls.

If you do decide to give Knauf Airless Finish a go, remember that you may also want to give Knauf Fill and Finish Light a whirl too. They can be used over the joints of the plasterboard. Although you may not find these products mentioned in our shop, we can source any Knauf plastering products at competitive prices.

Why Use a Commercial Plaster Sprayer?

If you’re considering purchasing a plaster sprayer, then you’ll no doubt be wanting to M-Tec plastering machine against a white backgroundknow whether it’s worth the investment. What’s involved and how much time will it save are the questions that every professional plasterer wants to know the answers to.

The benefits of using a plaster sprayer are multiple. In this article we look at what one is and why you might want to use one.

The main benefits of using this type of machine is speed. Using a plaster sprayer enables a plasterer to skim a wall up to 5 times faster than using a hand float would. The type of plaster that is preferred by users is the pre-mixed organic-based plaster that is available in a plastic bag. Some of our machines are designed with a built-in mixer to which you can add your own materials.

The benefit of using pre-mixed plaster is that it is not necessary to clean out the machine after the completion of the job, just as long as the plaster is kept moist. Using this type of plaster also allows for any surplus to be used, therefore preventing waste. It also means that it’s not necessary for the plasterer to mix the plaster and haul the necessary water to do so. It’s also possible for the plaster sprayer to use gypsum-based plaster just as long as it’s the ‘spray grade’ version.

A major benefits of using the plaster sprayer is speed. For example, quite often the plaster can dry rapidly enough for the wall to be painted within 24 hours of application. Of course, the success of this will depend upon the level of humidity and the ambient temperature.

There are 4 main types of plaster sprayer namely:

Pneumatic sprayer – this is the most common type of machine and it has a hopper to hold the plaster that is connected to an air compressor. They are low cost and very basic.

Worm-drive pump – a pump sends the plaster into a large-nozzled spray gun. Compressed air then blasts the plaster to spray the wall.

Peristaltic pump – this type of plaster sprayer uses a peristaltic pump which works by adding the plaster to a tube that is then squeezed by rollers. It also uses compressed air to create the spray.

Piston pump – the most modern and advanced type of plaster sprayer uses a piston pump to spray smooth plaster without the use of compressed air.

Some plaster sprayer machines are designed with an internal mixer. They use advanced technology to not only mix the plaster powder and water together for you but to ensure that it’s of consistent consistency and will therefore eliminate the fluctuations of thick-thin that no professional plasterer wants to contend with. They are also built to be easily cleaned so that the components such as the pump and the mixing shaft stay in good working order for far a longer lifespan.

The role of the pump is to drive the plaster into the hose in order to deliver a constant stream of plaster. Many professionals prefer to have an additional mixing machine on hand to ensure a constant flow of plaster to enable continual production.

In our game, time is money, after all and the plaster sprayer provides a major speed advantage to the professional. This speed and the ease of plaster application is outstanding with these modern machines. They are able to ‘cut in’ around any features such as timbers and also the ceiling line.

Plasterers are usually pleasantly surprised that hauling plaster up to the top of scaffolding is no longer necessary with the right machine. Jobs that used to take up to 15 crew members working by hand, can now be performed by just 5 people or so.

If you’d like to know more about why it’s worth investing in a plaster sprayer, contact us today for a no obligation chat. Or if you’d like to see our current range of plaster sprayers click here.

The EZE 24 Plastering Machine

You’ll know by now that we love our plastering machines. They cut time and they make An EZE 24 plastering machine against a white background.things easy. After having been in operation for several years, we know a good machine when we spot one. In fact, we’ve taken things one step further and we’ve started developing our own to fill the market gaps out there with innovative products that help plasters make progress.

A new plastering machine for One Stop Plastering Shop
Just recently we launched a few machines on the market for our clients. We noticed that they were in need to a new choice, so we put our heads together with some truly thrilling designers and ingenious manufacturers and came up with the EZE 24, the EZE K4, the EZE Genset, a pressure washer and before long we will also be introducing some new air compressors to the market.

We want to show you the EZE 24 plastering machine so that you can see what’s possible and at what cost.  We’re offering these to plasterers across the nation and you can find them on our website.

Introducing the EZE 24

We noticed that there was a need for plasterers to be able to use a 110v machine that was capable of spraying anything – we’re talking base coats, renders, multi-finish and thin coat renders. It even handles external wall insulation and have been field-proven by some of the UK’s biggest contractors and unsurprisingly it’s come out as their machine of choice.

However, this plastering machine has not been produced purely for the big boys, it also suits the domestic market and has been making itself a popular buy.

Here’s what you can expect from this powerful little trooper:

The fact that it weighs only 46Kg is a blessing when you need to move this variable speed controlled machine. It’s been equipped with an air pressure regulator so that you can gain full control over the projection pattern. With a standards compliant electrical supply of 110v, we know that it’s ability to handle and even have a suitable spray gun nozzle for plaster, base-coats, render and thin coat render has won its respect from the nation’s plasterers on both commercial and domestic projects.

If you’re interested in adding one of these plastering machines to your plasterwork arsenal – find our more by visiting our website.

Spray Plaster Machines

Using a spray plaster machine cuts the time it takes to do a job considerably.  The hours An orange EZE plastering machine against a white backgroundsaved applying plaster by hand could be spent on another job, so by making an investment in a spray plaster machine you can increase your efficiency and profitability.  There is a wide variety of models on the market, all of which are suited to different types of job, so even though some spray plaster machines are expensive they might be over specified for your needs, and a cheaper one will still save you time.

Spray plaster machines are typically used for large jobs; external renders and finishes as well as plastering an entire interior are the tasks where this equipment really comes into its own.  Applying render or finish plaster on a large scale can take around 45% less time with a spray plaster machine than by using the traditional hand application method.  Added to this is the fact that premixed renders can be applied with a spray machine, saving yet more time and labour.  Of course, hand mixed plasters can be applied mechanically as well, but when you start working more efficiently you see even more places where time, and therefore money, can be saved.

Even smaller jobs can benefit from a spray plaster machine.  The smaller models, designed for applying topcoats and skimming, will still save you time on the task for interiors.  By applying the plaster quickly with a spray machine you can get a wall skimmed and finished by one person in the time it might normally take two people.  In a small business the investment in a spray plaster machine may mean that manpower is available for more jobs on the same day, getting everything done a lot quicker and freeing up time for new contracts.

If interior plastering and decorating is your area of trade then a spray plaster machine designed to apply paint as well as render can save you even more time on refurbishment jobs or new builds.  For the contractor who works with every type of surface finish there are screw spray pumps which can handle everything from cement and textured renders, right through to fireproofing coatings, finishing plasters and topcoat renders.  This type of equipment is so adaptable that it can pay for itself within in a few big jobs by cutting time at every stage.

A woman getting ready to plaster a wall.Of course, the spray plaster machine cannot replace the human hand entirely; the wall surface will still need to be finished by hand around doors and window frames, and some renders will need some human attention before the next coat can be applied.  However, the finish that can be achieved with some of the more modern machines and plaster mixes almost does away with the need for a trowel at all, which is especially useful on large areas or walls that curve.

If you can see how a spray plaster machine could benefit your business then take a look at the range on our website.  With models from EZE (exclusively available through us), Priomix, Lancy and M-Tec we are sure to have the right equipment for you.  Finance is available, making the investment much easier for your cash flow.  Our sales team are happy to discuss your requirement with you, even if you only need to hire a machine.  We also provide training on the proper use of all our spray plaster machines so your workforce will be up to speed in no time.  Give us a call on 01242 236383 or 01242 236699 or pop to the main website at and we can advise you on the best spray plaster machine for you.