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The M-tec M330: A Truly Innovative Rendering Machine

M-tec are known for their quality products in the plastering circles. Their reputation is well The M-tec plastering machine against a white backgroundearned and we’re quite sure that being German manufacturers isn’t something that sets them back either!

They started out in 1974 and since then have gone from strength to strength in terms of innovation. Each of their machines have improved in terms of being faster and more economical and are now used across the world.

Today, we’re going to take a good look at one of the key rendering machines that they offer – the M-tec M330. It’s exciting and it performs a time-saving and efficient role in completing plastering projects.

M-tec M330 Rendering Machine

The M-tec M330 is a mixing pump with a difference. Up to date, the market has been filled with single stage mixers that have had to bear the burden of both dosing and mixing materials. The M330 is more focused on pumping. It is equipped with a chamber that is based on the wet sump principle, and the results are of high quality.

This single chamber mixing approach means that the materials enter the chamber in a more consistent fashion and are therefore transformed into a far more consistent output – avoiding the thick-thin terrors of days gone by.

What plasterers like about this particular model is that you’re not going to spend hours cleaning it. It’s surprisingly easy to clean. No more enduring the horrors of caked-on mix also has a clear advantage in terms of the lifespan of the pump and the mixing shaft.

M-tec state that their machine is easy to use, easy to clean easy to work and easy to mix for an easy life, and they’re not exaggerating. The layout of controls make it a delight to operate this rendering machine.

With a delivery of approximately 24 litres per minute, you’ll get the job done faster and be freed up to move onto the next one. It will pump to a distance of up to 50 metres and 30 metres high. Nobody can ask for much better than that. It can handle a wide range of mortars including floor screeds.

If this rendering machine looks to be an interesting investment for your operation, you can find more information on our website.