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Plaster Machine Hire, Training and Training Videos

The use of machines to do plastering has become widely popular today, and many An EZE K4 plastering machine against a white backgroundindividuals and companies are making use of it to ease their job and even guarantee a perfect mixture. Moreover, these machines are cost-effective and in case you can’t afford one today, you have the option to hire one from PFT Central

Hiring a plastering machine will be especially beneficial to individuals and companies who may want to evaluate the contribution of plastering machines to their work. The hiring option will allow them to use the machine at a lower hiring fee than the cost of the machine to make a decision if it’s worth buying. This may also serve as an opportunity to test different kinds of machines and see which one best suit the need of your company.

Hiring a machine is also important for small companies or individuals who cannot afford a machine or can only afford a limited number of machines. Hiring a machine will enable them to use these plastering machines until they have made enough savings to acquire one.


We offer training to individuals and companies’ staff to enable them effectively use plastering machines and increase their productivity at work. Our training program incorporates a wide variety of machines, and you don’t have to purchase your machine from us before joining our training program. This program will enable you to be a master in the operation of whatever machine you choose to train in, and there is no doubt it will increase the opportunity of you securing a job. To companies, training their staff on how to handle new machines in the industry will mean optimising the output of their employees.

It is not enough for you to purchase a machine, but knowing how to properly use it will enable you to do a faster job and efficiently too. With our training, you can use your plastering machine in a way that will enable you to prevent breakdowns, and this will of course reduce expenditures on repairs and replacement of faulty parts. The training will as well enable the trainer to be able to use the machine in a safer way and prevent injuries at work.

No matter the type of machine you are using, no matter your level of experience in plastering and regardless of where you bought your machine from; our training involves all models of machines, and we make the training easy and fast for even those who have little or no experience in plastering.

Training Videos

We also have training videos that allow you to train at any time that you feel is convenient for you. By watching the video, you gain the knowledge you need to operate any machine you are interested in. This is particularly useful for plasterers who don’t want to take time off their duty to learn how to use new machines used in plastering. It is also helpful to those training with us and who want to gain an advantage to learn faster with the help of the training video.


Plastering Machine Leasing vs Buying

For plastering companies, deciding whether to rent or buy machines should be considered A GB Flowman plastering machine against a grey wall.and weighed up carefully. Of course, in some instances it can make far more sense to buy a piece of machinery as opposed to renting it.

However, there can also be some advantages to renting a plastering machine. Here are some of the considerations for you to ponder on:

Rent before you own – if you’re planning on buying a piece of plastering kit, you and your team can try it before you buy it. You can gain familiarity and compare one model or brand against the next and in a far more hands-on way than just by viewing the model at our depot. This enables your ultimate purchase to be informed and for you to set your expectations in alignment with what’s on offer.

Tax Deductions – you’ll most probably already be aware that rental expenses can be deductible for your tax return. Whereas the purchase of a machine is considered a capital expense, which will be shown in your tax as a depreciation to be applied over the life of the equipment.

No Depreciation – the downside of purchasing anything is that it immediately depreciates in value. If you were to resell it later on down the line, you’ll receive less for it. With regards to renting, you won’t suffer from any depreciations, you’ll just simply return the item at the agreed return time.

Better Cash Flow – there’s no quibbling over the fact that new plastering equipment can be costly. Most plastering businesses are fairly small so the expenditure can make a significant impact on cash flow. However, renting or leasing a machine is an expense that is far smaller and therefore will impact the bottom line with less punch.

We recommend that you decide whether to buy or rent by considering how much you’ll use the plastering machine. If you need it at around a rate of 60-70% of the time, then it could make more sense to buy it. Otherwise renting may be a more cost effective option for you. Either way – the choice is yours.