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Plastering machines – why aren’t they used more on domestic projects?

49608655 - plasterer operating sprayer equipment machine for spraying thin-layer putty plaster finishing on brick wallPlaster spraying machines made light work of commercial plastering jobs when they were first developed, and have become the mainstay of any firm specialising in external rendering, new builds or large scale plastering projects such as sports centres, stadiums, schools and office buildings.  The speed with which they get the plaster on to the wall saves a lot of labour costs, as a single person can cover an area up to four times the size compared to a manual application in the same time.  The surface is then finished by hand around features, but the finish achievable by the most modern spray plaster machines does not need smoothing once applied.  It is worth bearing in mind that this finish is not as smooth as a manually finished wall, but passes muster for most commercial projects and is acceptable for plastering walls that are then going to be lined and painted.

Plaster spraying machines can be used on domestic projects, but the amount of preparation that is required to cover all other surfaces and items in the room is considerably more than with conventional trowel plastering.  As the plaster is sprayed on it travels a lot further than the trowel could ever send it; there may be fewer instances of plaster falling off the trowel and spots around the bucket, but if the nozzle of a plastering machine ends up facing the wrong way, even once, there will be a lot of mess to clean up.  This extra covering and preparation costs money, as you need more sheets, tarps and tape to get everything stuck down properly, but if the homeowner can do this preparatory work it can make sense to get the plastering done quickly and keep costs down for everyone.  Domestic new builds are often plastered with a spray machine, as there are no carpets or furniture to protect and multiple surfaces need to be covered; but once the homeowners have moved in there is often too much to protect or move to make spraying worthwhile in single rooms.

Another reason plastering machines are not commonly used on small jobs, is that they perform best when applying first coats and renders, and the cheaper models can struggle to achieve the very smooth surface that most customers associate with a good plastering job.  There are time and training costs associated with starting up a machine plastering offering, and sometimes this can be prohibitive for sole traders and small outfits.  Larger plastering or building services companies could do well to invest in a plastering machine and the associated training, as it can significantly increase the volume of work that can be achieved by the existing staff, leading to increased profits which will pay for the machine in a matter of months.

Of course, cleaning the machine can take time but it is a good job for an apprentice or casual labourer.  There are also maintenance and repair costs to factor in, but a plastering machine cannot be off sick, so while there may be more outlay on maintenance, the reliability of service makes plastering machines a good option for companies with changeable or casual workforces.  Of course, single rooms and re-skim work does not call for a plaster spraying machine, but if these jobs make up only a small percentage of your workload and there are many more larger jobs, that can be time consuming when done entirely by hand, plastering machines make commercial sense.  The other good thing about plastering machines is the gadget factor, who doesn’t love a new toy every now and then?

Plastering machine training

49608655 - plasterer operating sprayer equipment machine for spraying thin-layer putty plaster finishing on brick wallPlastering machines are now an ever present sight in the building trade; twenty years ago they were something of a rarity that had to be hired in specially, with a team of highly trained machine plasterers to go with it.  You still have to be highly trained to use a plastering machine, but they are no longer a rarity, instead appearing regularly, with many plastering outfits purchasing their own machines; offering the ability to cover very large surface areas quickly and without extra labour costs.  Having the skills to use a plastering machine means you are in demand with many companies and can pick up highly paid work all over the country.  Owning a business that offers sprayed plaster or render also means that there is plenty of work available to you.

There are a variety of different models of plaster spraying machine out there, from those that can handle almost any type of surface covering, to the more specialised interior plastering machines that use a certain type of pre-mixed plaster.  Whatever the machine in question, anyone operating them needs to have the proper training in application and how the machine works.  Plasterers One Stop shop, with PFT Central, offer training courses from £180 per person (ex. VAT) on all types of plastering machine, whatever your experience level.

The main makes of plaster spraying machine that we offer training on are M-tec, EZE, Putzmeister, PFT, Maltech, Utiform, Priomix and Lancy; but there is no machine we cannot offer training for, so get in touch even if you have a type not listed here.  We can offer training on older machines that are no longer in production and cater to any skill level from a novice plasterer to someone with decades of experience.

We also offer training on specific materials, including K-Rend coloured renders, CPI plain and coloured render, Knauf MP75 single-coat internal plaster (very popular on new commercial builds) and Supaflow self-levelling floor screeds.  We are also able to offer training on the Mapetherm and Knauf external insulation products, applied by both machine and hand.

If you are a new plasterer just starting out, it is well worth being trained on machine plastering early on, as it is a good paying job and can fund your learning of more traditional techniques while you learn.  Plastering machine training is a lot cheaper than traditional plastering courses.  Similarly, for time-served plasterers who are getting bored of the same manual job day in, day out, machine plastering offers good money and uses your existing skills, leaving the manual plastering as a fall back option, as well as something else to offer to potential employers.

If you own a plastering business it is worth investing in machine plastering training for some, if not all, of your workforce so you can increase the volumes of business you are able to do in a given month, as well as competing for jobs that previously would have been outside your capabilities.  Give us a call to find out the best course for you or your employees and in six months you could be seeing a real difference to your earnings.

Increase Your Build Speed with Spray Plaster from Knauf

When we say that plaster spray machines such as the EZE 24 Plus makes plaster work easier and faster, we’re not joking. EZE 24 plus plastering machine

According to Danilith, a Northamptonshire based house builder, who timed a two-man team to spray an incredible 60 square meters of ceiling, the team completed the task in less than 12 minutes. This isn’t the first time we’ve mentioned Knauf Airless Finish. Check out our review of it.

This house builder is known for their speed and they can get a bespoke home built in just 18 weeks. So the performance of Knauf Airless Finish suited them down to the ground, in terms of fast application.

What sets Knauf Airless Finish apart from the rest, is that it doesn’t need a bonding agent applied beforehand, which is true of other plasters. If you are using concrete panels, you don’t need that extra time consuming step, you can apply it straight to the concrete and it will be just fine.

Another benefit is that you won’t necessarily need to install any hop-ups when you apply it either. If your machine is good enough, then you can apply it from floor level. For example, our EZE 24 Plus can manage ceiling applications due to its powerful projection feature.

Knauf Airless Finish typically requires a two coat application of between 1 and 2 mm thickness. It will dry to leave a smooth and consistent white finish, so that the decorators have got less to do when they take over. It’s also a plaster that is easy to level and sand as it’s so lightweight.

We don’t’ know about you, but it’s this type of advanced materials that we believe is going to take plastering into the future. This is the type of product that not only makes it faster and easier to do our work, but will make savings that can be passed down to clients and that makes everybody happy.

Buying a Plastering Machine Through Finance

If you’ve been waiting for the right moment to invest in a plastering machine, you don’tM-Tec plastering machine against a white background have to wait any longer. We’ve put together a number of finance packages so that even the most cash-strapped plasterer can enjoy the financial rewards that owning a rendering machine can bring.

Unless you’re just starting out in the industry, banging plaster onto the wall manually should be something that is well behind you now. We know that some of you prefer this method, but for many, it’s far too labour intensive and slow.

Fortunately, rendering is a job that has a lot of customer demand these days. An ever increasing number of properties are requirement machine applied renders and it’s a profitable market to get into.  After all, it’s where the big money earners of the plastering industry are making it.

Every once in a while, you come across an idea that you know is going to play a part in determining the future of your business. Investing your profits into a plastering machine is of course one of these ideas. It’s also the case that very plasterer that we ask feel that they unquestioningly made the right decision when they purchased their first machine. (NOTE: You might want to ask some that you know so that you’re satisfied with your own research into this matter.)

You’ll most likely have already done some research on machines and know that they are a complex piece of kit and therefore, they come with a relatively large price tag on them. Fortunately, here at Plasterers 1 Stop Shop we’ve been in talks with Cotswold Finance and have worked out several approaches to make it possible for you to own your own rendering machine.

The benefits of taking finance are plentiful. Of course, it’s a way to be able to purchase an item with a higher price tag without messing up your cash flow.  A way to secure another tool for your plastering business that will enable it to grow and flourish.

The good thing about plastering machines is that they soon start to pay for themselves. In some cases, it only takes a couple of jobs and you’ve got the money you spent on your machine, right back in your wallet, where it belongs.

Any accountant will tell you that financing a plastering machine is the smart way to go about it. It keeps your cash free to flow so that you have enough to purchase materials, pay your bills and basically keep your money around for unexpected expenses.

If you’re thinking that finance might be for you, read on through our examples of what might be possible:

You will no doubt have already seen the M-Tec M200, our brand new plastering machine that has been developed specifically for the UK market. Here’s how the numbers break down for it when you opt to secure it using finance:

(For Image: M200 £5995 (excl. VAT) – Deposit £1199)

Monthly payment options as follows:

24 Months: £274.77

36 Months: £189.01

48 Months: £147.38

60 Months: £122.40

Break down this further and you can see for yourself that the machine will cost you a very meagre £30.60 per week.

Of course, the example that we’ve given you above is based on credit offered. If you’re interested in purchasing a plastering machine using finance, then contact us today on 01242 236699 or email:

M-tec M200: A Plastering and Rendering Machine Breakthrough

Finally released in early summer 2016, the M-tec M200 Plastering and Rendering Machine has been getting a lot of attentionM-Tec plastering machine against a white background and interest from our more competitive customers who are looking to make good ground in their field.

We were highly involved in the design of this machine along with a set of skilled and highly talented German designers and engineers. Ever faithful to our clients, we have spent the last few months testing it and it’s true; it is one of the most innovative and advanced plastering and rendering machines on the market.

We know that some of you appreciate the more efficient machines that truly celebrate plastering excellence. We wanted to offer a machine in alignment with what we’ve learnt from our own experience and insights gained by you, our customers in terms of what is right and wrong about previous plastering machines.

What we developed is a machine that meets the needs of those looking for outstanding productivity and high performance.

If you’re wondering how the M-tec M200 does it, we’ve put together a few facts so that you can have an easy to digest overview of the advantages that this innovative machine delivers.

Recognised by leaders in the plastering industry as being one of the next generation of plastering and rendering machines, it can produce excellent results when it comes to:

  • Renders
  • Plasters
  • Screed
  • EWI

But let’s get down to the juicier details about it.

As a 110v machine, it is designed for access to all construction and building sites in addition to domestic jobs across the UK. Here are a few other little details that you should know if you’re considering making that kind of investment in your business any time soon:

  • This machine really gives it ‘large’ when it comes to delivering high output – after all up-to 18l/min is more than enough for most plasterers to handle.
  • With a pumping distance of 25m, this machine doesn’t hold back and is of no comparison to its predecessors or its peers. It truly is the next generation but can also comfortably handle smaller jobs too.
  • With 4-way speed control, you can enjoy the fact that the M-tec M200 is going to work like a horse for you. It can spray a broad range of materials at different speeds. Our design makes it unnecessary to change any parts even when spraying entirely different applications.

Plaster Machine Hire, Training and Training Videos

The use of machines to do plastering has become widely popular today, and many An EZE K4 plastering machine against a white backgroundindividuals and companies are making use of it to ease their job and even guarantee a perfect mixture. Moreover, these machines are cost-effective and in case you can’t afford one today, you have the option to hire one from PFT Central

Hiring a plastering machine will be especially beneficial to individuals and companies who may want to evaluate the contribution of plastering machines to their work. The hiring option will allow them to use the machine at a lower hiring fee than the cost of the machine to make a decision if it’s worth buying. This may also serve as an opportunity to test different kinds of machines and see which one best suit the need of your company.

Hiring a machine is also important for small companies or individuals who cannot afford a machine or can only afford a limited number of machines. Hiring a machine will enable them to use these plastering machines until they have made enough savings to acquire one.


We offer training to individuals and companies’ staff to enable them effectively use plastering machines and increase their productivity at work. Our training program incorporates a wide variety of machines, and you don’t have to purchase your machine from us before joining our training program. This program will enable you to be a master in the operation of whatever machine you choose to train in, and there is no doubt it will increase the opportunity of you securing a job. To companies, training their staff on how to handle new machines in the industry will mean optimising the output of their employees.

It is not enough for you to purchase a machine, but knowing how to properly use it will enable you to do a faster job and efficiently too. With our training, you can use your plastering machine in a way that will enable you to prevent breakdowns, and this will of course reduce expenditures on repairs and replacement of faulty parts. The training will as well enable the trainer to be able to use the machine in a safer way and prevent injuries at work.

No matter the type of machine you are using, no matter your level of experience in plastering and regardless of where you bought your machine from; our training involves all models of machines, and we make the training easy and fast for even those who have little or no experience in plastering.

Training Videos

We also have training videos that allow you to train at any time that you feel is convenient for you. By watching the video, you gain the knowledge you need to operate any machine you are interested in. This is particularly useful for plasterers who don’t want to take time off their duty to learn how to use new machines used in plastering. It is also helpful to those training with us and who want to gain an advantage to learn faster with the help of the training video.