Carrying and fitting board – could it be easier?

roughneck-plasterboard-carrier1Carrying plasterboard can be torture on your back and fingers, not to mention that lifting plasterboard (and anything else that comes in large sheets, such as kitchen worktops, wardrobe panels and doors) is intrinsically heavy and hard work.  It is especially hard work when carrying a lot of items back and forth, up a steep driveway or similar tricky terrain.  If there are two people to carry each board it is a lot easier, but sometimes working alone is unavoidable so something that helps with heavy and unwieldy plasterboard is a lifesaver for solo workers.

The Roughneck plasterboard carrier is the answer to these problems.  It is cheap and lightweight but will hold up to the job for years and save you money on painkillers and osteopath appointments.  Made from plastic it may appear flimsy on paper, but can carry a load of up to 80 kilos.  It is deep enough to carry all but the thickest insulating plasterboard with ease.

For an apprentice who is still building up their muscles, this product will help them get the job done safely and quickly without wearing them out, meaning the trained staff can get on with their jobs and not have to help out a labourer or apprentice with the carrying or teaching various techniques for shifting plasterboard.  This plasterboard carrier is also ideal for anyone moving house or carrying out large scale renovations where kitchen surfaces and doors are being replaced or moved around.

When hanging doors or fixing plasterboard in a solo effort, a board and door lifter is another valuable tool that will save time and energy.  It slides under the bottom of the board or door, holding it in position while it is fixed.  It is much more adaptable than using odds and ends of wood or chisels and screwdrivers to keep things in position and can be adjusted with a foot with no danger of it slipping away, as there is with a screwdriver.

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