A Guide to Screed and Grout Pumps

Buyers Guide to Screed and Grout Pumps

Buy or rent

Screed and grout pumps can either be bought or rented. They cost thousands of pounds depending on their size, brand and other factors. If you are going to use it upwards of 75% of the time, then the best route to take is to purchase the equipment. You will save more in buying one if it will be used frequently. Renting is suitable for those who only need it temporarily and won’t have any more use for it afterwards. There are screed pump hire companies that you can look into and they will assist you in choosing the most suitable one for your needs.


The price of screed pumps is a major consideration in choosing which one to go for. There are factors that affect the price of a machine: the materials from which it’s built, the brand, size and type of the pump. You can expect that when made from a light material, it’ll be a lot cheaper than one made from high grade materials. Also, when the price is too low compared to competitors, you can expect that it won’t last as long as its higher-priced counterparts. It is better to invest in a higher-priced screed pump, especially if it will be used in business. The initial investment will be larger, but the benefits in the long run will be worth every penny. Also, these machines can be used for other functions such as a plastering machine which makes them even more useful.


A grouting pump machine is available in different sizes. They vary in load size; some being built for smaller, and others bigger loads. For example, a Priomix Pragma CLP is able to take 12 bags are a time when required. Determine your need and if your project will require a bigger load to complete the task. If so, you can opt for a bigger machine to make the completion of the task faster, as well as to reduce the time expended for loading the materials onto the pump.

Storage and Maintenance

If you are going to purchase a grouting machine, consider your storage area and its maintenance requirements. There are models that can be dismantled into several different sections that make them easier to store. After each use, it should be cleaned thoroughly to prevent the materials from sticking to the equipment and which makes them hard to remove. Consult the manual for the appropriate cleaning solutions.

Grout pumps are very useful machines in construction. They make grouting a lot more convenient and save time. Although the initial investment can seem a lot, you should think of your long-term needs. Hiring is a good way to save money but still get the job at hand done.