A Guide on the Best Insulation Systems

External wall insulations systems or EWIs are protective coatings that enable walls to become thermally insulated. Having EWI can protect your home from developing any damp problems and reduces the energy cost needed to insulate the house, which can help reduce pollution and carbon emissions, as well as save money. EWI systems are usually polymer renders systems, one-coat systems with mesh, or traditional renders. Plasterers 1 Stop Shop sells three brands of EWI: Aero-Therm, Bauwer, and Mapei.


The Aero-Therm lineup consists of 4 products: Ansilver and Asanex, the Aero-Therm basecoat, and the Aero-Therm plaster. To apply it first use the Ansilver or the Asanex to clean the wall of moulds and mildew and prevent further growth. Next, apply the Aero-Therm basecoat all over the wall and leave it to dry. Porous surfaces would require 2 coatings with 3 hours between each one. Finally, apply the Aero-Therm plaster. Mix a little bit of water until the plaster is has a smooth consistency, then apply it to the wall like any ordinary plaster. Leave it up to dry before sanding it to a smooth finish.


Both of Bauwer’s products, the standard insulated plaster and the light insulated render, are ready to mix thermal insulation materials made of lime, cement and Perlite. When applied the wall won’t just be insulated, but will also become sound-absorbing as well as fireproof. Both plasters also inhibit the growth of fungus and molds.


Mapei’s EWI system is much more complex than the last two. It includes several basecoats, external facade paints, mesh, primers, renders, and internal wall paints. Each product also has different uses. For example, both Mapei NIVOPLAN and Mapetherm AR1 GG are listed under basecoats. But NIVOPLAN is suited for installing ceramic tiles or for paint finishing while the Mapetherm is strictly for installing EWI and is used to bond thermal-insulating panels onto the wall. Get in touch with a Plasterers 1 Stop Shop representative if you have anymore questions.

Choosing the right EWI system

Choosing which one to get depends on your project. There are instances where an insulating render, like Bauwer’s light insulated render, is more useful. If you are unsure which EWI system you need to apply, do not hesitate to consult professionals. Applying the wrong EWI may cost you more than how it should have been. Also keep in mind the damp. Poorly installed EWI may let rain water pass by the EWI. If you already have a damp problem, it must be fixed first before having an EWI installed.