Everything You Need to Know about Nela Trowels

Everything You Need to Know about Nela Trowels and Their Benefits

One of the most basic tools for any plasterer, whether they’re beginners or long-time plasterers, is a trowel. You don’t just need one trowel, however – you may begin with one, but eventually, you may need more than one trowel in order to accomplish more specific tasks. The good news is that there is one brand and manufacturer which has always provided the most high-quality trowels on the market today: Nela.

What makes Nela trowels so special?

Nela is a manufacturer of trowels and other tools, and it is known for producing the highest quality trowels for numerous customers in the UK and Europe. There are many great aspects to Nela trowels – aspects which make the brand a premier choice amongst plasterers. One is the fact that Nela trowels are extremely durable and long-lasting; they are guaranteed to help you perform the most efficient job for years.

Another aspect which makes Nela trowels better than most is their toughness and hard-wearing quality – they can perform the hardest of jobs with utmost efficiency. Yet another reason why Nela trowels are a number one option is their consistency and precision. Nela trowels are designed and made with the most precise details, and are regularly tested when it comes to form and function.

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Maximising efficiency and comfort

Another outstanding feature of Nela trowels is the comfort they provide. Since Nela trowels are equipped with Biko grip handles made from high quality cork, they are easy to use, enabling you to perform a task for a long time with relative ease and comfort.

A look at some of the most popular Nela trowels available at Plastering Superstore

Whilst Nela produces a full and complete range of trowels, there are some trowels which are very popular with many customers. One Nela trowel which has remained a classic tool for generations is the Nela Narrow London trowel, which is a fully-forged trowel for brickwork. Since all Nela trowels are made in Germany, they are designed with optimum efficiency and performance in mind. The Nela Narrow London trowel is fitted with the famous Biko handle, which provides additional comfort for any user.

Another popular Nela trowel is the Nela PlasticFLEX trowel, which is generally used as a trowel for finishing for internal plastering work. The product is made with a finishing blade which is 1 milllimetre in thickness, which is attached or adhered to the same shaft, bracket, and cork handle which is used for another popular trowel, the Nela SuperFLEX. In fact, the PlasticFLEX is used with the SuperFLEX trowel, and it serves an invaluable purpose as a finishing trowel. The blade’s flexibility allows users to trowel the wall much faster, and the plastic is also useful for preventing the moisture from going up to the surface.

Nela trowels have always been a top choice for any plasterer – and now, with the complete selection available at Plastering Superstore along with our affordable pricing, you can work more efficiently with complete confidence every time.