Buyers Guide on Parex Supplies

Plastering and rendering begins with the application of a basecoat. It is composed of different materials such as sand, gypsum, cement and lime. Plasterers 1 Stop Shop stocks basecoat materials and other supplies for all your plastering and rendering needs. One of our preferred brand of plastering material, Parex is a leader in manufacturing construction materials in the UK.

Their product range includes cement mortars, grouts, repaid products, adhesives, resins, and coatings. Parex render and parex supplies are suitable for a broad spectrum of applications including building construction and repairs, high profile projects for the public sector and commercial constructions.

Our list of Parex plastering supplies include some of the most essential rendering materials used by professional plasterers. You can rely on this brand to have the best quality. Among the list of products we carry are the following:

Parex Paraguard. Scratch render used to be one of the most popular methods of rendering. However, this type of render can be prone to staining caused by algae and pollution. As a solution to this, Parex Paraguard is a weatherproof option that creates a lotus-leaf effect. It is a water based coating that adds a moisture-resistant surface to renders, masonry, and timber substrates. It comes pre-packed and ready for use. Application of this product can be through brush, lambswool roller, or airless spray gun.

Monorex GM. There are 48 standard colours available for Monorex GM. It is one-coat, weather resistant, decorative render for walls and vertical masonry. Every 30kg bag is expected to cover an area of 1.2 square metres. It is suitable for most substrates except for the following: weak mortar or plaster coated construction, painted substrates, horizontal flat substrates and some others. Monorex GM can be applied in different types of finishes such as: medium scraped; fine scraped, sponge or float smoothed; trowel smoothed, and spray textured.

Monorex GF. This type of render is ideal for a fine, scraped finish. It is available in 48 standard colours. You may need to call ahead of time for a specific colour of Monorex GF that is not readily available in stock. Every 30kg bag is expected to cover an area of 1.2 square meters. Similar to Monorex GM, it is not suitable to be applied over weak mortar or plaster as well as horizontal flat or inclined surfaces. The reason for this is that it may cause the surface to hold moisture.

There are other Parex products available through Plasterers 1 Stop Shop. You can browse our current selection and inventory to find what you need. You can also call to order if the product is out of stock. Since we are a one stop shop for all your plastering tools and equipment, we guarantee to offer an excellent variety so you don’t have to look elsewhere.