A Plasterer's Guide to Top Plastering Materials

Different types of surface may require special types of plaster. When you are also working to complete a different finish, finding the right kind of plastering material is essential. Plasterers 1 Stop Shop ensures that each professional or DIY plasterer has a wide selection of products to choose from. Our plastering materials are guaranteed to be manufactured by some of the most trusted brands in construction.

Thistle Board Finish

We carry thistle board finish plaster in 25kg quantities. It is ideally used in low to medium suction backgrounds such as plasterboard. Board finish plaster is used for coating surfaces where plasterboard is commonly used, such as ceilings and interior walls. This plaster creates a smooth finish which prepares the surface for decoration.

Thistle Hardwall Finish

Hardwall plaster is quick-drying and used for most masonry backgrounds such as concrete blocks or bricks. Thistle hardwall finish can be applied either by hand, or with the use of a plastering machine. Our product comes in standard 25kg quantities.

Thistle Magnetic Plaster

Our thistle magnetic plaster can be applied just like any regular plaster. The properties in this plaster allow it to create an interactive surface, ideal for kitchen, bedroom, and office walls. Magnetic plaster should be applied at a minimum thickness of 3 mm to guarantee strong magnetic attraction. Our product has received a BES 6001 certification with a rating of excellent.

Thistle Multifinish Plaster

This versatile plaster product can be used for a variety of applications. Multifinish plaster can be used as undercoat plaster for background surfaces such as brick or plasterboard and is suited for manual application. Using a multifinish plaster to skim over gypsum wall classic systems, also creates additional sound insulation.

Thistle Spray Plaster

For medium or large construction projects, you will need a product that can be applied easily and efficiently. Our thistle spray finish plaster is perfect for this type of application and can be applied effortlessly in four steps:

  • Mix. This product is designed for worm spray machines. Empty the bag of plaster directly into the hopper and the machine should mix the plaster ready for application.
  • Spray. Using a machine to apply the plaster ensures that it is applied at an even finish of 2mm, and using the cross-hatching technique ensures an even application.
  • Flatten. The applied plaster should be flattened with a spatula after 5-10 minutes.
  • Trowel. The final step is to finish the plaster using a trowel in three stages. The surface should be ready for decoration once it has dried completely.

These products have different setting times which gives a versatility of options, depending on the size of the surface or amount of work that needs to be completed.