A Guide to Plastering and Rendering Machines from Us

A Guide to Plastering and Rendering Machines from Us

Most of us already know how useful plastering and rendering machines really are. They have a variety of uses in the construction and building industry, and they have proven their merit in different ways. But a plastering and rendering machine is certainly an investment, so it has to be chosen with care. You would want your investment to pay off in the end, and if you choose a good plastering and rendering machine, then you could benefit from its efficiency and usefulness for many years to come.

If you’re on the market for a great plastering and rendering machine, you may well want to consider what we have on offer. There are many reasons why our customers keep going back to us for all their plastering and rendering needs, after all. Here’s what you should know.

What makes our plastering and rendering machines so special?

Unlike some plastering machines and rendering machines offered by other suppliers, our plastering and rendering machines are easy to operate and stand out due to their classy, elegant design. You can choose from a very large variety of specialist machines, depending on your needs, and you are guaranteed that the machine you choose will be extremely dependable. Additionally, the plastering and rendering machines on offer are easy to clean and are built to last, providing you with high performance every single time.

When you acquire a plastering and rendering machine from Plastering Superstore, you are also guaranteed a free of charge training service, whether you are a buyer or a hire service. You can benefit from ongoing aftercare support – this support comes with a warranty and our singular motto, “We are never too busy & always available for our guys.”

Here at Plastering Superstore, we only work with reputable manufacturers such as Parex and Weber, who not only allow us to supply them, but even come and work closely with us and directly recommend us to their own customers. With a well-chosen, well-designed plastering and rendering machine, you should be able to truly revolutionise the way you work.

Other important reasons why you should use Plasterers 1 Stop Shop

At Plastering Superstore, we can offer you over 20 years’ specialist experience in the distribution of plastering and rendering machines. This is something that we have done for more than 2 decades, and our commitment stretches so far that we don’t run other businesses on the side – this is our primary, sole focus, unlike other suppliers.

Furthermore, we have a total of 3 other franchises throughout the UK, and we have 5 committed and dedicated machine technicians, 2 of which come from a background of using machines on site. This means that if someone is tied up, there will always be someone else to help and assist you.

We operate 6 days a week, and we are experts in any kind of machine, any model, and any make. Aside from this, we work only with leading brands – we are the main distributors of M-tec, for instance, and we are the sole UK importers of Priomix. We distribute plastering, rendering, and floor screed machines across the entire United Kingdom. We are also the brand owners and distributors of the popular EZE range of machines. At Plastering Superstore, we “speak the same language as you” – every time.

Why are our machines better than others?

Our machines are better than others for various reasons. For instance, all our machines go through the most intensive quality control checks, and they are all tested before launch. What’s more, we work closely with manufacturers regarding their machines, and we are experts not only in repair but we are also trusted by manufacturers enough to work with us and recommend us to their own customers, particularly manufacturers like Parex and Weber.

If ever you need a replacement part, our spare parts are cheaper than you’ll find elsewhere, and everything is available on next day delivery, along with timed deliveries and weekend deliveries. Bear in mind, though, that whilst M-tec machine spares are slightly more expensive than other spares, they are also double the lifespan of cheaper spares found elsewhere.

What you should know about reliability and training

All our machines come with a warranty, a service log book, and free of charge training, whether you are buying or hiring. All our machines are also thoroughly maintained, and we consider ongoing support and aftercare our priority.

You have the option to purchase additional training with us, and you can easily book an on-site training course where a highly-qualified technician will come to you. We have an ongoing focus on our customers. We prioritise them. This doesn’t stop after the purchase, the aftercare continues. This is our sole business, you are our priority. We are never too busy for you.