A Guide to Plasterers Workwear

Plastering is a time consuming job. Every professional plasterer knows how important it is to invest in quality equipment and accessories. For commercial contractors, sourcing the best quality equipment guarantees the safety and comfort of their employees. Plasterers 1 Stop Shop carries several plastering workwear options and accessories, made by some of the most trusted brands in construction. Here is a guide to our current inventory of workwear related products:


One of the most reliable pieces of workwear is an overall. Whether you are a professional, or are looking for DIY overalls, here are some examples of what we offer:

  • Bib and Brace. This comes in two colours: Royal blue and navy. It ensures maximum comfort for the wearer and has built-in knee pads, adjustable straps, and an elasticated waistband. These plastering overalls are a great addition to every plasterer’s work wardrobe. Because these items are versatile, these can also be used as decorators’ overalls.
  • Jackets. Outerwear is the first layer of protection when working outdoors in unpredictable weather. Our selection of work jackets include the following:
  • Dickies Two Tone Softshell jacket. This product comes in either royal blue or black. It is both breathable and water-resistant. It features pockets for storing items, an adjustable drawstring hood, and Velcro cuffs for convenient closure and opening.
  • Dickies Two Tone Hoodie. Hoodies are a lighter option and are a good choice when working indoors. You can choose between two colours: royal blue and black. They have adjustable hoods and pockets for storage.
  • Dickies Two Tone Polo. These polo shirts are made from 100% cotton which is breathable and comfortable to use in any weather condition. You can choose between two colours: royal blue and black.
  • Dickies Two Tone T-Shirt. If you are looking for a more casual option, we carry Dickies t-shirts in either royal blue or black. They are also made from 100% cotton.
  • Eisenhower Max Trouser. These come in either tall leg, short leg, or regular leg. These are specially designed for use in construction sites. These trousers are durable and come with built-in Cordura knee pads for your protection.

Our range of products also include other options such as waistcoat, motorwar jacket, and micro-fleece jackets.

  • Tops and trousers. An ideal option for a work uniform are tops in the same style and colour. We offer only the best and most durable products that will suit the varied requirements of any construction job.

Your workwear will not be complete without the addition of comfortable decorators’ trousers. Here are a few of the trousers in our selection:

In addition to these apparel, we also have a selection of work boots, trainers, socks, and hats to complete your wardrobe, keeping you safe and comfortable while you work.