A Guide on the Best Tape for the Job

Professional plasterers are always looking for ways to improve the quality of their work. It is paramount that they have an array of reliable tools and equipment to produce the best result. Each tool, whether big or small plays an important role in a plasterer’s job. Plasterers 1 Stop Shop ensures that high-value equipment and small plastering accessories are equally made with the same durability. If you are looking for plastering tapes, we have products that are ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. Our plastering tapes have high adhesive strength and protection against UV light to ensure that it will last weeks of exposure to different weather conditions.

Scrim tape

This is a type of tape made from fibre glass or reinforcing mesh that is applied to strengthen plasterboard joints before the application of skim finish.

Part of our range of plastering and rendering supplies is the CATNIC self-adhesive scrim tape with fibreglass mesh. There are two sizes available, 50mm and 90mm. It is both thin and light but maintains outstanding strength. Many professionals across UK and Europe use this brand for most plastering jobs.

Plasterers 1 Stop Shop also offers another brand of scrim tape which is Euroscrim. The manufacturer is based in the UK and specialises in manufacturing adhesives, fillers, and building chemicals. Our Eusoscrim tapes come in two sizes, 48mmx90mm and 100mmx90mm.

Protection and duct tape

Protective adhesive tape is used by professionals in covering and protecting surfaces from dust, dirt, and damage. Plastering can be a messy job and you will need to ensure that each piece of furniture or equipment is free from damage for the duration of the project.

Our range of protective tape ensures quick and easy application as well as removal. Our range of protection tape and duct tapes such as temporary downpipe, stucco tape, and brick tape. Our tapes are manufactured by brands such as Blue Dolphin, which is a trusted brand with over 15 years in the business.

Drop film masking tape

Masking tape is another versatile accessory used for plastering, painting, and other construction jobs. Our range of masking tapes ensure that you can find what you need regardless of the requirement for the surface where it’s needed to be applied.

For example, our small drop film masking tapes at 550mm are ideal for painting or decorating. They are waterproof and ensure that the underlying surface is completely clean after removal. We also have a bigger drop film masking tape that comes in 1100. It will adhere to all surfaces such as metal, glass, or concrete. We also have larger drop film masking tapes that come in sizes such as XL and XXL, which are for projects that require bigger surface protection.