A Comparison Guide on Best Plastering Tools

Plastering tools and trowels have come a long way and are now made with all types of durable material. A plasterer needs to invest in a plastering trowel that will not only meet the specifications of the job, but also be versatile enough to work with most surfaces. Our inventory on plastering tools and trowels provides some of the most popular brands used by professionals today.

Plastering trowels come in different shapes and sizes, some are specialised for the kind of plastering medium and surface applied to. If you look at plastering tools online, you’ll find some popular options. In our site, here are the best-selling plastering trowels:

NELA 11” Premium Trowel

This German manufacturer makes trowels with patented BiKoGRIP cork handles. It’s specially designed to be ergonomic and secure. The blade is made with stainless steel which makes it more flexible and durable. For easy handling and stability, it is made with ultra-light aluminium mounting. This NELA trowel is ideal for concrete, plaster, dry lining, stucco, and pool coating.

NELA Flex II Gold Edition

This trowel still features the BiKoGRIP patented technology. The gold blade improves performance due to an adjustment of the FLEX making this model superior to its predecessors.

NELA Supreme Venetian Trowels

This trowel features the BiKoGRIP cork handle. It can be used together with other specialist plastering tools. Like other NELA models, it is also made with durable and lightweight stainless steel material. It is a perfect partner to the Mamorino and Venetian plaster.

In addition to plastering trowels, plasterers also use other tools specially made to make plastering easy and efficient. We have all new plastering tools of the highest quality and you can find our inventory filled with a variety of high quality products to cater to your needs. Here are a few of the best plastering tools every plasterer is looking for:

  • Pointing trowel – If a plasterer needs to trim and smoothen small areas, they use a pointing trowel. This tools is typically around 5-6 inches in length.
  • Window trowel- Using a standard 11” or 13” trowel is not ideal for tight spaces. This requires the use of a window trowel which has a smaller face enabling better control. If you’re looking to save on the cost of individual trowels, look for a plastering tools set that includes several trowels with different sizes.
  • Corner trowels- This can be either for external or internal application. It is used to finish corners with accuracy.
  • Hand board- This serves as a small portable surface where you can place plaster that needs to be applied on surfaces such as ceilings.
  • Straight edge- This is used to finish and even out large surface areas such as walls and floors.

The variety of plastering hand tools we offer are not limited to trowels alone. You can also find other accessories and tools that are used for plastering projects.